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Sunday, 16 January 2022

McFarlane Soul Crusher - Pictorial Review

Haven't had the time to take pictures due to being busy with work things. Gotten quite a few new stuff from McFarlane and Transformers since then.

For this round, let us do McFarlane Soul Crusher

I honestly don't know much about this character, aside from some online reading.

He's quite different compared to other Spawn line releases, being basically "human".

Soul Crusher fashioned post-apocalyptic world get-up with the gas mask and the hoodie

He comes with a handgun and a rifle, both made out of rubber.

The handgun can be stored into the holster at the side of his thigh but nothing for his rifle. What I did is just put it on his back with the cloak weigh pushing it into place.

Overall, he comes with impressive detailing. The colors blend well together and look quite realistic.

His quite stable (I can't say the same for other McFarlane releases) and easy to lose, which made the photoshoot went smoothly

Articulation wise, he's quite decent and generally on par with other McFarlane releases. However the articulation of his right shoulder is quite limited due to the cloak considerably hard.

His head articulation is also quite limited. I can't be sure whether it's because the hoodie shape limits its movement, or they're glued to the base of the neck 

Paint job wise, he's quite perfect (at least my copy). There's not smudges, the detailing is great. Kudos for the attention to detail.

The rifle (and the handgun) can be properly held without falling down which is good, not the case for most melee weapons for McFarlane releases.

Personally I prefer that he comes a knife instead of this. The weapon works well with the figure which is good. 

Overall on itself, Soul Crusher is a decent release, a must for those who want to complete the Spawn lineup.

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