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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

TFC Aethon [Project Ares] - Pictorial Review

Now, for something that's I've been waiting for. The 4th component of Ares, Aethon (Not-Tantrm)! Can't believe that Ares is almost complete, with Not-Divebomb coming in August/September.

Short backstory of Tantrum can be found at MMC Bovis Pictorial Review.

In Package

First and foremost, we're gone through about Project Ares's packaging etc so this won't be a long review.

I strongly hope TFC will improved the quality of their packaging on the future releases. My box wasn't even glued properly.

I really like the way Aethon picture was taken here.

Aethon comes with a tech-spec, an instruction sheet and a poster.

Alt Mode

Aethon is actually a heavy retool of TFC Conabus (Not-Headstrong) so you can check it out here.

I guess Aethon is my favourite out of the 4 for now. The shade of orange and red used really make the figure pops.

Porpotion-wise, Aethon's alt mode can be considered plausible enough, much better than Conabus.

Back View

What really caught my attention was the detailing on the bull's head especially the nose ring and the [painted] clear plastics (the horns)

Jaw can be opened, like Conabus

Aethon's articulations are more on his front legs, with the shoulders are on a hinge and swivel, ratchet joint on the elbows, ball-jointed feet and a hinge above it, overall better articulation than Conabus.

The head can rotate around on a swivel but the hinge only allows for downward movement.

What's interesting is that Aethon has a neck cover just like Generations Rattrap. Also, just like MMC Bovis, Aethon has a slightly different transformation compared to Conabus where the robot mode's chest facing upwards rather than downwards (Conabus)

Weaponize Mode


If you look closely, Conabus and Aethon has a lot of differences in terms of their design despite having the same core engineering.

Seriously...I need their Not-Divebomb...quick!

Robot Mode

While Conabus is mostly red and yellow, Aethon is almost 85% orange color while few parts are black and red.

Personally, I prefer Aethon's head sculpt more than Conabus. The detailing and the expression are simply better.

I did the same for TFC previous releases when they used [almost] the same mold for multiple characters (TFC Uranos members).

Despite being 'the same', Aethon and Conabus actually are 2 different figures altogether. When you look closely, there's almost no parts from Conabus being recycled for Aethon.

Just like Conabus, Aethon can be configure to look like g1 Tantrum with the bull's head on top.

Who wears it better?

Aethon comes with the 4th part of Ares's sword, a smaller sword that's the same with Conabus's sword.

Just like Conabus, the shoulders have quite limited range of movement compared to previous Ares's members.

The combiner's foot can either be used as a handheld blaster or attached to the back as a cannon.

Awesome group shots!

Combined Mode

Forming Ares's left leg, Aethon shares the same transformation with Conabus. However, the foot are sturdier and tighter than the one that came in with Conabus.

The small gun that forms the heel doesn't come together with Aethon but instead with Not-Divebomb.

The neck cover helps to hide the robot mode head better.


Marvelous! I'm really glad that I chosed Ares as my Predaking. Don't get me wrong, Feral Rex is great but Ares suites my taste better. At first I thought their colors would be too flashy but combining these 4 figures, everything kind of looks okay.

I've done the comparison before and yes, in normal configuration, TFC Uranos and Ares have the same height.

However you can extend Ares's legs to make him a few milimeters taller than Uranos, making him the tallest combiners yet (not sure if compared to Warbotron series)

From what I heard, Not-Divebomb will be around end of August or early September so until then, I need to distract myself. Thank God Warning Line will be arriving in 1-2 weeks. 

Just one more!!!


  1. awesome review! all 3 predakings are look great imo, but for me i'm going for the unique toys predaking version, i just like the tall, sleek, slender design lol

    1. to each their own. got a chance to fiddle with warlord before, love the playability

  2. nice. thanks for the review.

    1. thanks, glad u enjoyed it! hope it helps