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Monday, 30 June 2014

Toyworld TW-H03 Swamper - Pictorial Review

It's been quite sometime since I reviewed anything by Toyworld. The last was TW-03 BII in January. Let us move on to their new offering, TW-H03 Swamper (Not-Skullcruncher), the first Decepticon Headmaster from Toyworld.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

In The Headmasters cartoon series, Skullcruncher was among the group small Cybertronians who flew out to escape the never ending war, under the command on Fortress [Maximus].Crashing on Planet Master, the crew fight for survival on the planet which resulted them building a larger, lifeless Transformer bodies called Transtectors.

After rigorous physical and mental training, the crew manage to master this new technology and became the Headmasters. However, Skullcruncher and several others rebelled against Fortress and sided with the traitor, Scorponok.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

In Package

Swamper comes in a packaging similar to Hardbone and Brainwave with the colors quite similar to TW-H01 Hardbone.

Swamper's artwork on the front has a Japanese feel to it, giving the vibe of G1 Headmasters series rather than G1 US.

The back of the box showing Swamper Alt Mode and 2 Robot Modes. Swamper comes with a Biocard and an instruction manual.

Alt Mode

TW-H03 Swamper, crocodile mode. Now, the first 2 things that I notice are the green and pink on him is lighter than G1 Skullcruncher and the crocodile head is kind of weird

Swamper's alt mode is nicely done where the robot mode is perfectly concealed.

Even the underside of the alt mode is clean with no robot parts visible.

The tail follows G1 Skullcruncher where half of it made up his legs while the other half splits apart forming his weapons or resides at the side of the legs.

All of Swamper's accessories are part of his body with his 2 guns attach to the side of his hind legs.

The front legs attach to the body with double hinges giving extra range of movement. The knees are on small ratchet joints while the feet on ball joints.

The hind legs however are connected to the body with swivel joints. The knees are also on swivel joints unlike the front legs and the feet on ball joints.

The crocodile head is on a swivel and hinge allowing 360o rotation to the side as well as upward and downward movement.

He is huge, I have to say. Probably one of the biggest robot with non-vehicular alt mode I ever owned.

Headmaster's compartment

The Headmaster

Just like Hardbone and and Brainwave, Swamper comes with his own Headmaster unit, Not-Grax.

The detailing on Not-Grax is kind of disappointing especially on the head.

Not-Grax with Not-Duros and Not-Arcana

The good thing is that Toyworld improve the quality of Swamper's Headmaster unit compared to Not-Duros and Not-Arcana. The joints are tighter where it is easier to pose him and he comes with elbows unlike the previous two.

Stability Test

Robot Mode

Swamper is way better than Hardbone and Brainwave, I must say. Toyworld seems to never stop improving their offering which is good, unlike some 3rd party companies.

Side View
There's a lot more transformation involve with Swamper especially on the legs. Kind of refreshing as Toyworld usually use simple, G1-ish transformation sequence.

The alt mode's front legs hang at the back of the shoulders which is kind of a turn off. With all the transformation going on, Toyworld could have at least do better on the kibbles.

The head sculpt kind of based on G1 Skullcruncher which is a nice touch. However, I wish he had a normal face expression rather than the smirk.

Swamper is made out of sturdier plastic than Toyworld previous releases. Also, the joints are really tight making him fun and easy to pose.

Even better, he's really stable pretty much due to the weight of his legs. However the thigh and knee joints are able to withstand it.


Swamper comes with 2 guns that look pretty much like the one from G1 Skullcruncher (but he only has one)

Swamper comes with swivel-jointed head, swivel and hinge on the shoulders, ratchet joint on the elbows and swivel on the wrist. He also comes with a waist swivel, swivel and hinge on the thighs, ratchet and swivel on the knees and lastly, ankle tilts. Personally, Swamper comes with all the articulations he needed.

Aside from the guns, Swamper comes with 2 short swords from the tip of the tail that splits into two parts, almost like G1 Skullcruncher.

The remaining part of the split tail can also form 2 short sword, giving him more melee weapons.

These 4 swords can be combined into 2 longer swords like above.

The 2 longer swords can be used to form some sort of a bow for Swamper.

Even better, the 2 guns can also be attached to the bow making it a bad**s weapon.

Shown in the teaser by Toyworld before, the alt mode's front legs can act as extra limbs for Swamper. They also incorporate fist-like parts underneath the feet.

For those who prefer a more G1 look, the body can be turned around to use the back part as the front part. However, the left and right fists need to be switched around.

Other than that, the front legs of the alt mode needs to be detached and reattached to the side of the crocodile head.

With Brainwave and Hardbone


  1. Dah Macam Sengoku Gundam Astray dah - 4 tangan tu...

    Terbaek punyer review,...

    1. Haha. but the additional hands kind short, not many poses can be made. thanks bro!