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Friday, 27 June 2014

Transformers Age Of Extinction - Just some thoughts

Watched the premier of Transformers Age of Extinction with fellow TransMYian on June 25th and wasn't disappointed to be honest. But to make it clear, I'm not a Bayformers fanboy not am I a hardcore Geewuner. Been enjoying all thing Transformers from all the series, the comic books (IDW, Marvel, Dreamwave) and few other medias.

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Never intended to write anything about it but stumble upon a review that shockingly gave AoE some 'harsh' critiques which to me only partially true and the best part, putting something like

" 'I'm also quite sure the old-time fans would be disappointed with bla bla bla "
This won't be a proper review, just few points I like to let out. Let us begin but first, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!

1 - The movie is quite too long for my taste, nearing 3 hours. Felt that some parts can either be excluded or compacted

2 - Galvatron is one of favourite character in Transformers universe, but Bay should've at least waited a bit as Megatron has been dead and brought back to life for quite few times already. TF5 maybe?

3 - Hate the new Decepticons way of transforming

1 - Human characters aren't as annoying as the previous 3. Mark Wahlberg played his character well. AoE changed the movie franchise from spastic comedy party into having more mature atmosphere.

2 - More robot screen time!

3 - Better storyline than the previous 3 and it seems Bay did some homework this time. In case people are wondering, here are some homages that could be found in the movie

  • Flat-cab truck that Optimus Prime transform into in the beginning of the movie is a homage to Generation 1 Optimus Prime
  • Lockdown role as a bounty hunter, just like when he debuted in Transformers universe during Animated.
  • The resurrection of Megatron is based on the storyline of TF Animated where he trick Dr Sumdac into building his new body.
  • Having the Dinobots fossilized reminded me of IDW Spotlight : Shockwave. Hope there'll be detail explanation of why the Dinobots were there in the first place. 
  • The alliance with Dinobots was nicely done. Personally, better than it was in G1 and Animated
  • The human-created Transformers reminded me of the fate of Sunstreaker in IDW Devastation series.
  • The 'creator' that was mentioned by Lockdown might end up end up with 2 possibilities. (1), the Quintesson or better yet, (2) Unicron [and be default, hopefully, Primus]
  • The first time in the franchise that the story heading somewhere, a bigger arc. Rodimus and the cast of 86 maybe?

Transformers Movie franchise was never 'phenomenal' from the start. There are ok parts and some bad parts. However, found out that AoE currently being targeted with thoughtless reviews which is kind of weird. However, as the fan of Transformers Franchise (not just someone who suddenly knows everything about Transformers after watching the 4 live action movies ie "his childhood"), I find that AoE is better than what I expected.

I get that people say not all reviewers a fan of a certain franchise etc. True, there's a lot of reviewers know Transformers from the movies only, no more. However, I would've been better if they some homework just to have a basic idea. Why? Because they are reviewer. Is it right if I reviewed a Generations figure then complaint there is no die-cast parts? If you decide to do a review of anything, there must be at least some knowledge of it.

Let say I watch a love story which ends with both the main characters died, no happy ending. Is it right if I say it sucks and a stupid movie when it's an adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet"?

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