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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Generations Deluxe Rattrap - Pictorial Review

One thing that I was worried about with the release of Age Of Extinction line : Generations line not reaching Malaysia's shore. It was the case back in 2011 with the last wave of Generations didn't hit the shelves and I got the same feeling this year when even after months it was released, the wave that consist of Deluxe Scoop still nowhere to be seen and the newest wave consisting of Deluxe Rattrap and Tankor might suffer the same fate. Luckily, new stock arrived yesterday with Deluxe Scoop, Armada Starscream, Skywarp, Minicon Assault Team, Tankor and Rattrap altogether in a carton.

Pic Credit : TFWiki
One of the main characters in Beast Wars series and the earliest crew of Maximals, Rattrap is perhaps the most annoying character the Maximals have to deal with, with the constant negativity, sarcasm and being dowright rude to almost everyone even his commanding officer. He's a fine soldier nonetheless, been at the frontline of countless battles between the Predacon and Maximal.

In Package

Rattrap comes in the same packaging as previous IDW Generations Deluxes.

Back View
At the back, there are pictures showing Rattrap in both mode as well as his tech spech.

Rattrap's Bio

At the botom of the box, there are pictures of Tankor and Crosscut in which both are supposed to be released together but Crosscut was pushed back into future wave.

Alt Mode

Rattrap is gorgeous! Hasbro really did well in designing him.

Transformation between mode is really fun as much more complicated than what I previously thought.

Back View

The detailing of Rattrap is unbelievable. The head sculpt is well done with textures all over his body from head to tail.

The jaw can be open showing his teeth which are also colored.

The color tone, paired with the texturize surface on his back is a nice touch. However I do have a problem in aligning the panels on the back but that's just me.

The tail is made out of a rubber with wire running through it where you can bend it no matter how you want it and it'll stay that way.

The tail are on a hinge that allows it to move upward almost 90o. The feet are also made out of rubber, almost the same as the tail.

Rattrap's gun can be stored under his body

There's a piece of plastic inside his head that can be pulled back to cover the gap between his head and his body when the head is push downward. This is really clever indeed.

There's not much articulations going on in alt mode but his head can be pushed downward, the front legs and feet are on swivel joints while the hind legs are on swivel joints and hinges on the feet, allowing him to stand up in alt mode just like he did most of the time in the show.

Size comparison with Neo-Beast Wars figures

Rattrap does seems to be a bit big compared to the others but in the show, he was never a small rat to begin with. Plus, most of the time, he'll be in robot mode, that's for sure.

How many time I have to tell you, bud? No means NO!

I said NO, you numbnut!!
Robot Mode

Rattrap looks like he came out of the CGI model! Hasbro really did a good job with him (and also the other Beast Wars characters in the new Generations line)

The head sculpt is nicely done with all the detailing and also black lines highlighting it.

My complaint would be the ears are a bit too big and disturbing the view.

Side View

The kibbles are pretty much expected, just like Generations Rhinox.

I really like how clever his transformation is especially on the legs and feet. Well Done!!

Rattrap has a wide range of movement, making him really great to play with. The transformation of the legs kind of limit the feet's articulation a bit but it's worth it. However, the way his back kibbles not closely secured to his body makes him feel a bit 'hollow' with some of the parts moving around when trying to pose him.

Also I'm a bit worried about the shoulders connector as they are made out of rubbery plastics, will they last long? Not to mention the pieces move as you try to move the shoulders and hands.

Other than that though, he's a great figure. Rattrap comes with a swivel jointed head, swivel joints and hinges on each shoulder, hinges on his elbows (a bit limited, less than 90o range of movement to the front), ball jointed thighs, swivels below them and hinges on the knees. There are no wrists and waist swivels nor ankles tilt.

He's quite stable but the ball joints on the thigh are a bit loose.

Small Maximal logo on his right hand

There's a compartment in his left forearm where a translucent 'hot-box' is stored.

The 'hot-box' is a device that Rattrap used to fool Tarantulas in the episode "The Web".

Size comparison

If compared to the TV Show, Rattrap roughly at the right scale with Rhinox and Cheetor. Dinobot is the one that is a bit too small.

The Maximals
Pic Credit : Transformers Wikia

Hope they'll continue releasing Beast Wars figures with new design, at least the on screen characters.


  1. excellent review, the pictures and pointing out the details helped me decide whether to purchase this. the paint application is really disappointing, clear plastic for C4 bomb accessory and being non-cartoon accurate... I liked that picture where Dinobot is riding Rattrap, would be a great way to display the two toys in my collection.

    1. yeah, agreed on the accessories. can't find a reason as to why they're made out of translucent plastics.

    2. importing this item may be costly for me , I think I will wait and see the Takara 30th anniversary Legends toyline ( LG01 Rattle). I always prefer Takara release for their nice paint application, they will also be releasing Convoy in Ultra size, would be perfect in scale

    3. From the image, can't see whether Rattle's (Rattrap) weapon would be colored or translucent plastic yet. And might be skipping convoy it will be using the 10th Anniversary Golden Disk reissue

    4. *Update*
      The weapons are also translucent plastic

  2. wow...always wanted emotional attachment to him...

  3. omg.. i dont like animal/beast as transformers figures cos i think they are too fake(just like a toy)..

    but.. bro Gema u made me feel like getting one~ ish!!!! :(

    - kiien

    1. haha, thanks kiien. btw, he's great la, go and get one

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