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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Age Of Extinction Autobot Slug (Hasbro Version) - Pictorial Review

Having a kid really change my schedule. This isn't a complaint but never in my whole life that I left new figures unopened for more than 2 days (aside from my Henkei Crystal Convoy, that baby is still MISB)

To continue, next is another familiar character, Deluxe Age of Extinction Dinobot Slug or to be exact, Slag. If I'm not mistaken, the name was changed during Fall of Cybertron.

Alt Mode

This time there's no in package view as I got a bit overexcited and open him up before I start taking pictures.

Back View
At the back of the card, there are pictures of Slug in both modes with other deluxe releases in the 1st wave which are Bumblebee, Crosshair and Scorn.

Slug's character bio

Slug comes with two swords that made out of soft plastic. Compared to Slug's striking purple and red color scheme, the swords are really plain.

Like Grimlock, Slug's weapons can be attached to the figure but for me, this time it doesn't really work so I'm going to leave them out.

Slug transform into a triceratops with a slightly modified design comprise of pointy and sharp edges parts, giving him a more fierce aesthetic.

Proportion wise, Slug is really well-designed from head to tail. Quality wise, it feels a bit hollow on the body and also some parts are made out of the same material as the sword, namely the tail and the horns.

The tail is one piece plastic without any joints on it aside from the hinge connecting to the body

Slug have a really detailed look, especially on the eyes and the red stripe really improve the aesthetic. The paint app is surprisingly good especially compared to Dark Of The Moon figures.

In alt mode, Slug has few point of articulations, namely the jaw, the head and a bit on the front and hind legs.

Robot Mode

 Transformation is quite simple for Slug, just straight forwards. The first impression I had looking at Slug was the obvious medieval looks the robot mode have.

However, I do find the robot mode is a bit too crowded on the upper body especially around the shoulder guards.

Back View
The shoulder guards actually looks better from behind with the dino head visible rather than the insides if you look from the front.

I really like the head sculpt for Slug. Simple but effective, matching the overall theme of the figure. However, looking at how 'normal' the head sculpt is, I can only speculate that the Dinobots don't have the robot mode in Age Of Extinction movie. At best, maybe Grimlock the only one that transform.

Articulation wise, Slug has pretty decent range of movement. However, the shoulder guards despite making the design of the figure good, they hinder Slug's articulations a bit.

Slug comes with a ball jointed head (but limited range due to the shape of the head), swivel and hinge on the shoulders, hinge on the elbows, waist swivel, universal joint on the thighs and hinge on the knees.

I really like the combination that Hasbro brought through the Dinobots. Slug has a hybrid design of a 'sacred knight' mix with barbaric nature of his dino mode.

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