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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Generations Leader Class Jetfire - Pictorial Review

Now, time for another exciting official release. Just to be clear, I tried my best not to be biased in my reviews and being that my collections focused mainly on [Official] Neo-G1 figures, there's been up and down in terms of the excitement of HasTak releases. My last Deluxe wave (Scoop, Rattrap, Tankor, etc) was a big disappointment while Voyager Roadbuster is kinda great (better than Skybite). But this here, is one of the best official figures for 2014, the 2nd biggest original Neo-G1 CHURG mold after Metroplex and the first of it class in this line, Leader Class Jetfire.

Pic Credit : TFWiki
Jetfire (also known as Skyfire) first made his appearance in G1 cartoon, Fire in the Sky episode. He was a friend of Starscream from way before the war but an exploration mission gone bad causes Jetfire to be lost (presumably dead) for millions of years.

I could go on and on about him but the best thing about Jetfire is his G1 toy. Not all original G1 toys originated from HasTak. Jetfire is one of the example, taken from Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1S of Takatoku Toys. And perhaps due to legal reasons, Jetfire in the animation was changed to not resemble his G1 toy.

Pic Credit : TFWiki/

In Package

Before I begin, just want to inform that the camera that I used before finally met its 'expiry date', having been used for almost 5 years. Took a lot of pictures using it, all of them are of my collections. So for now, I switch to a temporary camera and not really familiar with it yet so apologize if the pictures aren't that good. Even forgot to turn off the Date function on some of the pictures...

You can't believe how happy I was when I first hold the box. I guess him being the first leader class figure in Generations is quite a big deal for me. Design-wise, the box is roughly the same as Voyager class box.

Jetfire's artwork at the side of the box is nicely, even better than the IDW Stormbringer version. However, I'm not sure from which episode this design originated from.

Back View

Alt Mode

The are several phases of Jetfire alt mode so we'll start with the basic, without his guns, cannons and turbo thrusters.

A really nice alt mode overall, best jet compared to other CHURG releases. The design is really slick and clean and frankly speaking, reminded me of Macross (in general as I don't know much about that franchise)

Back View
There are no robot mode parts visible aside from the feet at the back but not really obvious.

Nice detailing on the cockpit
I don't have any Masterpiece Seeker figures to make comparison but from what I remember, the size of the cockpit might be the same (or almost). Wonder if you can fit Dr Arkeville inside...

Next is attaching the 4 cannons underneath Jetfire. All of them are not quite visible in this mode (unless the arm-mounted cannons are attached to his wings)

Side View

Back View

Next is attaching his gun and turbo thrusters. Personally am a bit disappointed that there's no proper place to attach the gun aside from underneath the nosecone.

My major complaint about Jetfire is that all the weapons are coated with cheap red chrome. How cheap? In box, there are some parts being tied up by translucent rubber-bands which sticks to the weapons resulting (in my case) the chrome from his gun to peel off. However Hasbro made the right decision not putting chrome on the gun handle.

My preferred configuration

I'm guessing he's a fast jet...

Underneath, you can clearly see the fake cockpit that becomes the his chest. But for me, it's not a even an issue

Size comparison

With Universe 2.0 Deluxe Starscream

With Wal-Mart Exclusive Ultra Powerglide

With Asia Exclusive Henkei Skyfire

Despite being a Leader Class figure, I think Jetfire is smaller than his class suggested. In alt mode, Jetfire is roughly the same size as Ultra Class Powerglide

Robot Mode

Behold, the glory of Jetfire!!

One word, superb! To the guy(s) that design him, I give you my gratitude.

Even without all the add ons, Jetfire doesn't really look naked but the hollow parts around where the arm-mounted cannons supposed to be attached are really an eye-sore.

Back View
'Fraid not, the back kibbles are waayyyy better than Universe 2.0 Ultra Class Silverbolt

Fully equipped, Jetfire is a gorgeous figure. Despite my complaint about the chrome weapons, they really improve his overall aesthetic.

The turbo thrusters are attached to the back using pegs that are almost the same the one used by Classics Voyager Jetfire. There is a base underneath them that allows the thrusters to be rotated without detaching it.

Awesome detailing and clean paint app
Size comparison

With Universe 2.0 Deluxe Class Starscream

With Wal-Mart Exclusive Ultra Class Powerglide

With Asia Exclusive Henkei Skyfire

8 years ago, the voyager mold was considered great despite the stability issue and I could never imagine that Hasbro would update his design. But I'm glad they did.

The battle helmet can be detached revealing a G1-like head sculpt that I think Hasbro really put a lot of efforts into considering the end product. The plastic on the helmet is a bit thin which makes me wonder will it last long.

As shown in his manual, the helmet can be attached on his gun....without any particular reason...

Jetfire's head is on a swivel that allows 360o rotation and a hinge for upward movement.

The shoulders are on swivel joints and ratchet hinges, swivel on the biceps, ratcheting hinge on the elbows but sadly, no wrist swivels. For those who might be worried, the panels that connect the shoulders and the body lock securely without any problem.

There is no waist swivel, bummer! The thighs are on universal joint that allow quite large range of movements. The knees are on ratcheting joints while the feet on hinges.

Stability test
I guess that's about it. Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Attaching all the weapons

Honestly, get him if you have the chance. Worth every penny!

Jetfire ready!


  1. Great review !!!!! already poisoned me!!~~XD

  2. size quite small when compared to powerglide ultra class.

    1. agree. he's roughly 21cm from head to toe

  3. Nice review. I am still waiting for mine to come in

  4. edmundbay@yahoo.com5 August 2014 at 20:40

    indepth review, pointing out the good and flaw.

  5. Awesome review as always Bro!

    Just wanna ask for pictures of gerwalk mode (macross/robotech)... TQ!

    1. thanks bro vic. can't believe i forgot about that, sorry