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Saturday, 16 August 2014

TFC Warning Line [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

Time for another one! TFC has been releasing their product almost non-stop for few months now. Coming up in September is Hydrant (Not-Hot Spot) and Phobos (Not-Divebomb) on October. Wonder if we'll see a prototype of their new combiner around October or November. But first thing first, this review is about Groove of the Protectobots.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Before we start, I must say this. Groove is a member of the Protectobots and he transform into a motorcycle which can be seen clearly from the picture above....

Despite being in the never-ending war of good and evil, Groove is one of those who hate combat or conflict. A free-spirited bot, Groove find serene in the open highway. However, Groove won't disappoint. Whenever someone needs him, be it the Autobots, the Protectobots or humans, he'll be there

Pic Credit : TFW2005
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In Package

The 2nd member of Project Promotheus, Warning Line, follows the same base design of his box with Gumball before him. Am trying to make sense of his name but the only thing I got is the warning line that police use to seal a crime scene etc.

I really like the artwork. It's a pity that something happened when Project Ares started and ended up just used their toy picture on their boxes.

Back View
Honestly, I hope TFC fix the problem with the quality of  their box.

Tech Spec/Biocard

Instruction Sheet

Alt Mode

Before we proceed, try and look at this picture of Dodge Tomahawk, a concept vehicle by Dodge. It's was said to be able to reach the speed of 300mph (480km/h) but the fastest that anyone had ever tried was only 100mph (160km/h)

Pic Credit : Web

Now let's look at Warning Line

It's a given that TFC would change the design of all the characters they release, both robot mode and alt mode. At first I was surprised that they choose a Tron-Like design as above. Surprised again to find out the bike is real. Even more surprised to see that TFC did well capturing the detail and design of a real Tomahawk.

Connector to attach his weapon, like Gumball

This bike is gorgeous, I give you that. The detailing are well-done. But just felt like he's too far away from G1 Groove's alt mode.

Not only that, despite the detailing, there are no other such as "Police" or anything, even like Gumball's PDNY on the side. Quality however, is superb. The alt mode holds together really well, just like Gumball's. The front wheels are a bit tight and doesn't roll easily

Back View
Warning Line also comes with a connector to attach the guns to the alt mode. I wonder if there's any purpose for the connector pieces which I suspect not only comes with Gumball and Warning Line but all of Prometheus members (if not maybe just the limbs).

Batpod anyone?
Thanks to my friend Hafeez for showing this

The are blue highlights on Warning Line's guns, as opposed to red on Warning Line's guns.

Detailing based on Dodge Tomahawk

The handle bar can be rotated 360o...which affect nothing, haha. Aside from that and the tyres, there's no other moving parts on Warning Line.

Expected! In alt mode, Warning Line does look a lot bigger than Gumball

Robot Mode

A lot of complaints about the way Warning Line is in robot mode which doesn't really resembles the character which I don't really mind personally.. Well, to be fair, the only obvious design on G1 Groove is the front part of the motorcycle at his back in robot mode. The bigger complaint would be TFC choosing Warning Line's chest to be red instead of light brown (TFC did teased both version and most agreed on light brown).The anwer is....don't look at G1 Cartoon Groove but G1 Toy Groove.

Side View

There are 2 ways you can positioned the tires, number 1 just like they are in alt mode while in 2, rotated the tires to face outward. Might look better but the latter hinders his left hand movement a bit.

Unlike Gumball's guns, Warning Line's guns can be attached to the connecting piece and becomes one big gun.

Dual Guns

Despite the way his feet were design, Warning Line is still a stable figure. The joints on this lower legs are strong enough to withstand his weight.

Warning Line comes with a head swivel, double-jointed shoulders, bicep swivels, ratchet joints on the elbows, waist swivel, ratcheting universal joints on the thigh, ratchet joints on the knees and [wide] ankle tilts. Overall, his articulations are way better than Gumball

With TFC Gumball

Combiner Mode

Transformation to leg mode is really really easy, just by separating the front tires to the side and voila~

Warning Line is really solid in his combiner mode, making sure to be able to withstand the weight of the combiner.

Prometheus uses the same system as Ares for the feet however since Ares's feet can split into two, the center part with all the joints are not secured tightly hence not as good as Prometheus feet

Okay, I have to admit, I forgot! Warning Line is supposed to be Prometheus's right lef, not left. Sorry guys

Even BETTER than Uranos own legs
Let's try something else...

Warning Line can transform into a decent hand mode. Maybe I'll try and see, after Ares and Prometheus are complete, to identify which bot can switch between hand and leg mode.


  1. Nice review. I am missing your dynamic poses, seem to be lacking in this review. In my honest opinion, your poses and pics are the best in the business. You should make a video review too. That will give those wannabe youtuber reviewers a run of their money. And 3rd party companies should be paying you to review their products. Your pictures are grade A quality. Cheers.

    1. wow, thanks for the compliment. And sorry bout this review lacking pictures. Despite the great articulations, I can't find enough great poses for him, I wonder why,haha. Hopefully I'll do better in future reviews. Also thanks for the input but I don't think I have what it takes to do video reviews nor do I speak English fluently. Plus, I enjoy taking pictures so let others do video reviews, I'll try and do the best pictorial reviews.

      Again, appreaciate the support, any other things that I could improve just let me know

  2. No need to be sorry, I am just looking over all your pictures and found Warning Line's picture, to say, lacking of any of those camera angles and dynamic poses your other posts used to have. But all I can say, keep it up. I have a good time reading your honest reviews (which is something totally lacking in other reviewer's page, because they are like, uh, sponsored) and your insights. Anyways, cheers and all the same, Mr. Black.

    1. Thanks! Appreciate your support! Hope you enjoy my reviews in the fututre