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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Age Of Extinction Scorn (Hasbro Version) - Pictorial Review

Next is the last Age of Extinction Dinobots from the first wave and quite frankly my favourite of the three. Scorn was never in any of Transformers universe, not as Scorn-a-dinobot nor as Scorn in general.

Alt Mode

Scorn transform into a red Spinosaurus as opposed to AOE artwork where he's depicted as being silver (with hint of brown in the official image) from head to tail. The spines are like the real Spinosaurus spines would be unlike the movie design where there are 2 spines on his back.

Scorn Official Image
Pic Credit : Web

The pack of the card shows Scorn in both mode and also the other deluxes in the wave.

Character's Bio

During the release of the 1st wave, Scorn was the one that I cared the lease, eyeing more on Voyager Grimlock and Deluxe Slug. However, it all changed when I opened him up.

The paint quality of Scorn is as good as that of Slug. He is mostly red and grey with few highlights of orange and dark grey.

The tail is made out of soft plastic with red/grey dual color tone.

The tail is on a hinge which allows it to swing side to side.

The dino head sculpt is beautifully done with quite a lot of detailing and the eyes is painted blue gren.

The spines are made out of grey soft plastic with red detailing. The orange detailing is nicely done highlighting the body.

Why is he my favourite? Aside from the detailing, he's a lot of fun to play with in Dino mode, as opposed to Grimlock and Slug which are kind of static.

In Dino mode, Scorn head can be turn side to side and also, up and down with the jaw on a hinge while the hands and legs are on ball joints

Robot Mode

Just like Slug, Scorn is based on a medievel soldier but this time, as a Lancer. The overall design is better as he doesn't look too crowded.

Kibble free

Like I said in Slug's review, with this kind of head sculpt, will they transform in Age Of Extinction? Do they even have a robot mode?

One of the complaint I heard before is the hand design as there a visible hole from where the fist folds into in Dino mode. To me, it's not really a big deal.

Aside from the lance (tail) on (as) his hand, Scorn comes with a sort sword which can be hidden underneath the it.

Scorn comes with a ball jointed head, double jointed shoulders, swivel above the elbows and hinge on the elbow, waist swivel, universal joint on the thighs and double jointed knees.

Built-wise, I think Scorn is pretty much the same as Slug. However, with his clean design (and perhap the striking color of red) Scorn is far more satisfying to me in terms of playability and overall feel. I had a chance to fiddle around with Strafe before but still, Scorn is my favourite Dinobot yet.

*Need to help my wife get Slash and Strafe next before Snarl and Slog comes in