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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Planet X Caelus - Pictorial Review

Now is the review of the second product of Planet X after Genesis (courtesy of a friend), Caelus. I must say, Planet X really took time between releases which is rare for a 3rd Party company. Continuing the theme of Genesis (homaging to WFC Omega Supreme), their 2nd release is a character from the War For Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron continuity, Dinobot's Swoop

Pic Credit :TFWiki

Swoop (Generation 1) is part of the Dinobots that was built, together with Snarl, after the first 3 Dinobots proved to be valuable to the Autobots. Despite the arrogant and disobedient nature of the Dinobots, Swoop is by far the friendliest of the five. Having an alt mode deemed weak by others, Swoop is highly skillful in aerial combat and the missiles on the wings aren't just decorations.

Pic Credit : Web

In Fall Of Cybertron, Swoop is a member of the fierce Lightning Strike Coalition, alongside Grimlock. He was captured and forcibly changed into a Dinobot by Shockwave. Not really a downside, Swoop didn't take his new form for granted once he realized his new potential

In Package

Caelus follows the same theme as Planet X's Genesis but in smaller size and no window on the box. It's good to know, however, that Planet X maintained the quality of the box for Caelus

On the back, there's a toy picture of Caelus with Cybertron-ish background.

Just like most releases nowaday, Caelus comes with a manual and also a tech specs. Unlike Genesis, Caelus comes with no extra accessory aside from his weapons

Alt Mode

When Hasbro first revelead Fall Of Cybertron Grimlock, fans rejoiced with the possibility of having a full team of the Dinobots again, after Generation 1. However, as time goes by, it proved to be a lost cause. Until Planet X decided to release Caelus (Not-Swoop), in his glorious pterosour alt mode

Caelus alt mode follow closely the concept art of FOC Swoop which is a really nice touch

Back View
Caelus comes with a lot of detailing in terms of the parts, with movable flaps under his wings and also on both side of his thruster

Like Genesis, Caelus is a highly detailed figure, which can be seen on every parts of him. The lines on the wings give Caelus a nice Cybertronian touch

Caelus, despite his good design, comes with a problem where the head of the pterosour doesn't pegged securely to the robot head

Size Comparison

As it is intended to be, Caelus scaled nicely with Fall Of Cybertron Grimlock but it seems that Hasbro version colors doesn't really matched with Caelus (maybe Takara would be a better choice)

Robot Mode

Beautiful figure indeed! Transformation from Pterosour to Robot Mode is quite simple but fun. Caelus is made out of a really hard and solid plastic where everything stays together, no loose part

Despite the weight of the wings, Caelus can stand without much problem.

Back View
Caelus has a clean design with no kibble hanging anywhere aside from the wings which is a must

Planet X really did well on Caelus's head sculpt and design. It might not be visible in the picture but Caelus comes with light piping with the opening at the side of his head

Despite being small, Caelus comes with tonnes of detailing , top to bottom. If you notice, the plastics color on Caelus (the grey, red, yellow) are basically the same as Genesis

Caelus comes with two swords, made out of solid plastic, with roughly the same design of FOC Grimlock's sword. However it would be nice if the swords are made out of translucent plastics

One of the nicest feature of Caelus however is his articulations. Caelus comes with a ball-jointed head, swivel and ratchet joints on the shoulders, ratchet joints on the elbows and hinges on the wrists.

Caelus has a waist swivel, double-jointed thighs, swivels above the knees and double-jointed knees. Caelus however doesn't come with ankle tilts, only hinges where the feet can be tilted downwards

Each of Caelus's wing comes with 3 hinges to allow different poses and the wings are attached to the body with swivel joints.

Seriously, he's fun to play with!

Size Comparison

Planet X again did not fail the fans, Caelus is a great continuation after the release of Genesis. And if Planet X is the only possibility of us getting all the Dinobots, rest assured, they will be awesome!


  1. This was actually the review I read before purchasing the third-party product nearly 2 years ago... My thanks to you is indeed long overdue. Awesome product coverage, honest opinions and photos! (Do keep up the great work!)