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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mastermind Creations R-01 Terminus Hexatron - Pictorial Review

The most powerful killing machine out there, a six-changer, that's what he is. Most try to not be in his way and those who does, fight with every bit of their spark to survive. And they'll regret it. Sixshot!

Pic Credit : Web

Sixshot made a notable appearance during Transformers G1 : The Rebirth (Part 1), storming Cybertron with other Decepticons, with sole purpose of getting control of the Plasma Energy Chamber. A monster, Sixshot single-handedly takes on the Aerialbots with his 5 alternate modes, upon being ordered by Galvatron.

In The Headmasters continuity, Sixshot was the arch-enemy of Ultra Magnus, as the Decepticon City Ninja Commander. Fought a fierce battle, Ultra Magnus faced Sixshot bravely but against the six-changer, Ultra Magnus fell by the power of theWingwolf, Sixshot's hidden seventh mode.To be frank, I prefered Sixshot's potrayal in US G1 rather than in the Headmasters as the former had him as a killing machine, not a ninja-bot.

The Glory of G1 SixshotPic Credit : Web
Before I continue, would like to wish Happy New Year 2014 for all. And special thanks to my friend who was kind enough to lend me this (skipped him for awhile, saving up for my best 'haul', my baby, to be born in April 2014)

1 - In Package

First teased at TFCon 2011, Mastermind Creations Terminus Hexatron released was delayed for quite sometime due to the need of solving some issues on the mold. An from the finished product, it's all worth the wait

Terminus Hexatron comes in a simple but well-designed box with better quality compared to their previous release, Cyclops (R-03 Bovis comes with the same quality box as Hexatron is).

Back View
On the back, there are pictures of all Hexatron's six-modes starting with the Tank Mode, Laser Pistol Mode, Star Fighter Mode, APC Mode, Winged Wold mode and lastly Robot Mode.

Windowed Box

Like most standard 3rd party releases nowaday, Hexatron comes with a tech specs and a comic book together with his manual.

Hexatron's Tech Spec

Reformatted Issue 01

I won't revealed much of the story except for the link between the future release of Mastermind Creations, Seraph Prominion (Not-Nova Prime) with Terminus Hexatron

Pic Credit : Mastermind Creations

Seraph Prominion
Pic Credit : Web

I will sum up Hexatron's 5 alt modes after brief explanation on each mode

2 - Winged Wolf Mode

First of all, it's best made clear that Hexatron's design follows G1 Sixshot to the core, having the same basic transformations, giving Hexatron basically the same aesthetic as G1 Sixshot.

A blast from the past, ain't it? Hexatron's Winged Wolf mode transformations from the robot mode is fundamentally simple, more so if you've experienced with G1 Sixshot. Quality-wise, Hexatron improved a lot from Cyclop (in which MMC continues to deliver with R-03 Bovis)

It is stated in the instruction that the 2 swords are supposed to be attached to the side but I prefer a cleaner look from the Winged Wolf mode.As you can see, the hind legs follows the G1 design which means only basic articulations are present, allowing the legs to be moved forward and also to the side by the swivel joints on Hexatron's robot mode thighs.

Back view

The front legs however has an improved articulations with ratcheting joints on the knees and double-jointed shoulders, The paws are on hinges allowing them to be push downwards. The wolf's head is on a swivel joint and a hinge for wide range of movement; the hinge is a bit too weak to hold the wolf's head in place (the replacement part is being sent by MMC), while the jaw is also on a hinge.

Size comparison with Toyworld's Not-Throttlebots

3 - APC Mode

Hexatron's APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) mode have a nice detailing on the surface with all the guns and the swords becoming the weapons.

However, the treads are visible which kind of crowding it a little bit.

The APC mode is roughly the size of 3 Toyworld's Not-Throttlebots (which is roughly the same size as circa 2008's Deluxes) and coincidentally, the same price as 3 of them.

4 - Laser Pistol Mode

The alt mode that kids enjoy (well, at least I did), the laser pistol. Like G1 Sixshot (and also G1 Megatron, on that matter), Hexatron transforms into a laser pistol that can be hand-held. Unlike the G1 version, the sword sheaths becomes extra blasters in addition to the 2 existing guns that follows G1 Sixshot.

Could've Hexatron be better if MMC installed an LED inside the barrel as opposed to just painted red?

The laser pistol mode is roughly the length of 2 deluxes from front to back.

5 - Tank Mode

Despite following his G1 counterpart's design, the added detailing increases his fierce looks and together with his large size, the tank mode feels more intimidating than the rest of them and by far, one of my favorites

 The swords can be kept on Hexatron's wings for those who doesn't like parts put aside. To each their own

Back view
Size Comparison

6 - Star Fighter Mode

Hexatron's last alt mode and also, my 2nd favorite mode, is Star Fighter mode.On the ground, there are 4 landing gears/stabilizers located on each of the wings and the remaining, under the cockpit area

Side View

Back View

With Toyworld's Not-Throttlebots

  • Transformations of Hexatron to any of his alt mode has an initialization point which basically transforming him halfway to Robot Mode. However, it's just a guide for those who aren't familiar yet
  • All the alt modes holds together, no loose part or anything
  • Hexatron has awesome detailing. Eventhough some or the parts are just used in one of the alt modes, MMC didn't went cheap and discarded them
Robot Mode

Now, for the best part, R-03 Terminus Hexatron's Robot Mode

As Sixshot as it gets. Mastermind Creations decided to give Hexatron as much homage to G1 Sixshot as they can. And that's not a bad thing, with the added detailing and updated design, Hexatron comes out as the ultimate Sixshot (for now)

Hexatron mainly consist of colored plastics with just few painted parts for detailing. With this, Hexatron comes out having with a clean look overall.

Back View
Hexatron is literally kibble free, following his G1 toys and animations design.

The head sculpt is well-done with red-painted eyes instead of having light piping. The head has a gimmick where the 'helmet' can be taken off (which I forgot during the photoshot)

Great detailing on the chest

* I went back and forth on the configuration of Hexatron's shoulders which can be seen throughout the review *

Hexatron comes with a pair of guns and swords. Articulation-wise, Hexatron has basically the standard articulations of modern day Transformers figures

Hexatron comes with ball jointed head, hinge and swivel on the shoulders, swivel on the biceps, ratchet joint on the elbows and ball jointed fists

Hexatron also have waist swivel, ratchet and swivel joint on the thighs, hinges on the knees (almost 180o range of movement) and ankle tilts.

In addition to his G1 weapons, Hexatron comes with 2 swords that are stored in their sheat. The rings on the waist allows the sheath to be around his body (like Mastermind Creations previous Heart Of Steel Seekers)

Hexatron swords has the same look as Generations Drift sword, in which the link has yet to be explained. The characters however are different, saying 'Centered, Essence, Maintained' whereas Drift's were 'The Only One' or something like that.

All six of Hexatron's hubcaps can be detached and converted into shurikens

However, I can't seem to have Hexatron holding them. Maybe there's something that I missed. The mechanism on the shurikens works like Reveal The Shield Wreck-Gar's energy axe where the other 2 blades open up when one of the blades opened.

Comparison with Henkei Convoy
Comparison with Shadow Scyther
Hexatron stands in between the size of a Transformers Ultra Class and Leader Class. Some might view the size to be correct, as I do, with Hexatron being bigger than Optimus Prime and Fansproject City Commander (current filler for CHURGs Ultra Magnus).

There's always debate among CHURG collectors on whether it's better to have a figure with G1 looks but improved articulations or a an updated aesthetic altogather. Even I don't have a rule with regards to that, just made my decision based on the product.

However, Hexatron's no doubt worth the money, hoping to get him in the future. Having a clean design with great plastic quality, Hexatron definately deserves a spot on your CHURGs shelves


  1. Waiting for your final Uranos-not Superion review.................
    BTW, Not so keen for this figure..maybe due to so many mode...

    1. Thanks. been busy since before new year,will try to post them by this weekend. Well, on Hexatron, he is what he is, a great improvement of his G1 toy, great quality, so on and so forth. But that's also the problem. As if Hexatron is just what Sixshot would look like if he is first release in modern day and hasbro doesn't go cheap on their release, nothing more

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