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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mastermind Creations R-05 Feral Rex Fortis - Pictorial Review

One thing that I hate in collecting Transformers figures...the wait! Even more so if it's part of a team, Headmasters, Throttlebots and in this case, Combiners. The next figure released by Mastermind Creations after R-03 Bovis is R-05 Fortis (Not-Headstrong), courtesy of a friend

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Glutony with brute force. Not the brightest of the 5 but Headstrong still maintained the most determined of all once he decided he wanted something. And nobody can say otherwise. With unbreakable ramming head and acid-dripping horn, Headstrong proves to not be taken lightly by the enemy

During G1's Call of The Primitives, the Predacons went fleeing for their lives when Sky Lynx and Trypticon had their energy drained by Tornedron, but stopped by Headstrong, declaring that he should die fighting, bringing the fight back into his fellow Predacons. Headstrong can form either leg of Predaking but mostly as the left leg.

In Package

*The review won't be too detailed as Fortis is a remold of Bovis*

Fortis is the 2nd Feral Con member released by MMC after R-03 Bovis while R-02 Talon and R-04 Leo Dux being pushed back. Fortis follow the same design template of Bovis with different base colors.

Back View

The back of the box shows Fortis in Alt Mode, Robot Mode and Combined Mode. Noticed that Fortis formed Feral Rex's right leg instead of the usual left leg by his G1 counterpart.

Tech Spec

Instruction Manual Cover

Comic Book Cover

Fortis comes with a tech spec and a comic book which bundled together with the instruction at the back. If you notice, on the comic book cover, it stated that it is in fact Issue 05 which  means you'll need to wait till all 5 figures are release to read the them in sequence

The plot thickens!

Alt Mode

Fortis transform into a mechanical/robotic rhinoceros with mainly yellow, red and black color scheme much like his G1-self.

Side View

Still no tail....
Back View

Despite being a remold of R-03 Bovis, the transformation of Fortis from robot mode to alt mode are quite different, giving him a new look compared to Bovis.

Different from Bovis, Fortis alt mode has the back of the robot facing up instead of the front of the robot, so are his back portion and the configurations of all 4 legs. These might seems petty but it helps to improve Fortis overall looks

Fortis alt mode is really well-designed giving him a solid look and perfect homage to his G1 counterpart. But just like Bovis, I wish MMC did better concealing his robot mode's face.

Fortis comes with accessories which all of them can be attached to him in alt mode for a more weaponize configuration. The extra parts are 2 blades, 2 arm blasters and a double-barrel cannon that serves as of one Feral Rex's feet.

Robot Mode

Just as I mentioned before, Fortis is a remold of Bovis in which 90% of the parts are the same. However, the color scheme and some of the retools makes Fortis looks like a totally different design then Bovis

MMC really put a lot of effort in maintaning the quality of Fortis. The joints are all very tight and the paint apps are perfect (aside from the issue with the upper arm of his right hand)

Back View

Fortis face sculpt is basically the same as Bovis but with different expression. Comparisons are shown afterwards in this post

Basically the same articulations as Bovis, Fortis has a swivel joint of the head, ball joints and hinges on the shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel on the wrists and the waist.

Also double-jointed thighs, swivels above the knees, hinges on the knees and also ankle tilts.

With Arm Blasters

Fortis's twin blades are nicely design giving him a really fierce looks. The blades (and that of Bovis's) will form Feral Rex's large sword

Due to his design and weight, Fortis is a very stable figure and fun to play with, once you get used to him

The arm blasters have a short pegs thus can't be held by Fortis (not like he'll look nice holding them anyway)

Fully-armed Mode


MMC did well in getting Bovis and Fortis design and color scheme right making both of them appeared unique. Below, can be seen the resemblances/differences of these two

As you can see, there's not much difference between Bovis and Fortis aside from the head sculpt (and of course the animal's head) and the chest. However, I'm personally okay with it.

Bad move, bug!
Combined Mode

Transformation to combined mode for Fortis is exactly the same as Bovis

Side View

Although on a ball joint, Fortis (and Bovis) can only be tilt less than 45o in both directions. However, more can be said when I at least have Leo Dux in hand

It's really frustrating waiting for a combiner to be completed. However, as of now, I'm looking forward to see MMC Feral Rex, TFC Ares, TFC Prometheus and Warbotron WB-01 to be completed.

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