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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dr Wu DW-P15 Rain Storm - Pictorial Review

There are few categories of 3rd Party releases, from a full figure, add ons (armor, extensions), replacement (heads, etc) and also weapons.

Dr Wu is one of the companies that focused on the release of add on weapons and recently recently, IDW-inspired weapons for Generations Springer

In Package

Im Package : Front View

In Package - Back View
Rain Storm comes in a nice box with Springer artwork from IDW comic on the front and back of the box, showing the weapon set

Rain Storm comes with the standard biocard and an instruction sheet. On the bottow part of the instruction sheet are teaser of Dr Wu's future release,  DW-P17 (for Generations Blitzwing) and DW-P18 (from Generations IDW Bumblebee)

DW-P15 Biocard

Weapon Set

Rain Storm comes with a gun/blaster, a gatling gun, magazine and a connector

With the magazine and the connector ttached to the gatling gun

The detailing on the gatling gun is amazing and made out of a sturdy plastic. However, as you can see, the finishing are not very clean on some of the parts

The gun is made out of 2 parts, the gun itself and the magazine.

The detailing is a bit minor on the gun but maybe due to the design of the gun in the comic itself

I would have to say, the gun is way better than the blaster that Springer comes with

However, the gun does sometime looks off in term of the size but again, MAYBE it's because the way it was design in the comic.

Despite all of that, I still think this gun suits Springer very well

The gatling gun however is another story. Even though made for Springer, it appears that posing with it is not an easy thing to do and the number of poses you can try is very limited. Equipping the gatling gun with less articulations or posebility than Springer would be even harder

Nooooo..I don't think so

There's been too many weapon sets being released nowadays and it's hard to justify the pricing. So, is Rain Storm worth the price of a Deluxe figure? Depend, if you think the above Springer is badass with this set, than go for it. If it doesn't, then maybe you're better off saving the money