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Sunday, 7 November 2021

McFarlane Gunslinger Spawn - Pictorial Review

Busy time, had been crazed by a lot of work stuff. 

Gunslinger Spawn was not my favourite back then, choosing Raven due to his aesthetic. But I'm fairly surprised by how much I'm enjoying him

First off, Gunslinger Spawn comes with 2 guns and a rifle, with detachable holster. All these are made out of rubbery plastics, so you can expect them to bend easily

He wears a long coat, different from normal spawn with cape. He also comes with a hat, which if I'm not mistaken is an open crease type.

From what I gathered online, the hat can be forcefully removed revealing a badly shape top of the head

One thing that I noticed right away is that it's not easy to get him to stand. It annoys me as I had this problem quite frequently with McFarlane, as opposed to ML, Black Series etc

But once I got passed that, he's a really fun and cool figure...and this is coming from someone who never liked the wild west. 

I'm surprised at how much good pose I can get him into, with just those guns. 

The overall sculpt is nicely done, with quite generous amount of detailing. The long coat does weigh him back a bit so take that into consideration when posing him.

Articulation wise, he's as decent as other McFarlane releases, with no extra limitation. 

The rifle however is a let down, at least for me. The tip can easily bend if you store it in the holster, and the hands can't grip it properly.

Maybe I did it wrong but putting the rifle all the way into the holster will bend it

Despite his long coat, holsters on the sides and every other things, you can still get him in a lot of decent poses. The combination of his aesthetics and the guns....feels good getting him doing various poses.

Gunslinger Spawn are one of the 2 releases from this wave, that I was reluctant to get (the other is The Clown). Since their announcement, I had been fixated on Raven and Violator, without having any second thoughts about getting him.

Glad that I did. I like him as much as I like Raven, but for different reasons in terms of aethetics