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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Overheat - Pictorial Review

It's been quite sometime since I last reviewed Maketoys releases and I never had a chance to review their first combiner, Giant. 

Now, moving on to their 2nd combiner (3rd if you count yellow Giant), MTCM-03 Quantron (Not-Computron). We'll start with Overheat, MT version of Afterburner. Brief background of the character and review of Warbotron version of Afterburner can be found here.

The full box picture will be updated later (or included in the review of the last component).

For other Quantron's team members, the reviews can be found below :

In Package

Instruction Booklet

Quantron comes with an instruction booklet and product catalog mostly featuring updates for their Battle Tanker series.

Overheat section

Overheat comes with a War Hammer, combined form of a blaster and 2 boosters.

Alt Mode

Overheat transform into a modern motorcycle or as the manual indicate, a Monocycle. The direction that Maketoys went with him is quite different from what Warbotron did which was more G1 accurate.

The transformation is fun and not too complex but involving enough. The alt mode is solid with every parts peg together nicely.

However, from the back, Overheat's head is clearly visible and the upper back half is quite hollow.

Overheat's War Hammer can be disassembled and attached to the alt mode for "Full Loader Mode".

This configuration adds weight and dimension to Overheat's alt mode and making it more G1 like.

Not only that, the attached gun on top of the monocyle helps conceal Overheat's head

While most of the robot parts are nicely hidden, the remaining parts that are visible adds detailing to the alt mode, completing the overall look of the alt mode.


Just like Warbotron Afterburner (or most Transformers that transform into a motorcycle), Overheat's alt mode is quite big considering the size of the figure and roughly the same length as Transformers Cloud Optimus Prime (I'll be using this mold for comparison due to the availability of its variants)

Robot Mode

To be perfectly honest, Overheat's robot mode is not what I imagined the take on Afterburner will be. And this is coming from someone that appreciate CHURG's Neo-G1 look rather than straight 'articulated G1' figure.

Nonetheless, the design is nicely done. The head was one of the bothering me the most but now seeing it in hand, the sculpt is well done and detailed. And unlike my disappointment with MT's Paladin/Chaos, Overheat plastic quality is top notch, reminded me of their Battle Tanker series.

Side View

Back View
With the design not fully homaging G1 Afterburner, Overheat's back ended up having kibble free design which is a plus as it won't affect the figure's stability.

Another thing is that the size and shape of the fists are quite weird and could've been done better.

Equipped with War Hammer

Giving Overheat the War Hammer is a good decision as he looks awesome using it. That, and the range of his articulation, make him a nice figure to play with. 

Overheat comes with  a ball-jointed head, hinge and ball joint on the shoulders, swivel on the upper arms and hinge on the elbows. The wrists and waist are on swivel joint while the hips are on ball joint and swivel. The knees are on a hinge and the feet are on ball joint.

What surprises me though is his joint quality compared to MT previous combiner, Giant's team member. Despite the great posebility, Overheat's joints are quite loose especially on the upper arm, the wrist and the hips. These make it difficult for Overheat to wield his weapon and to pose.

Size wise, Overheat is roughly the same size of newer Generation Deluxe figures, something that's not apparent due to the design of his shoulders which added both mass and height to the figure.

Compared to Giant's team members, Overheat is considerably small. This is kind of disappointing as I wish they will at least scaled well with each other.

It is on!


  1. Hi, it is my again XD (did you miss me :P)

    How are you? I hope you are fine and your family too.

    I was surprise to see this review, never imagined you get Quatron. To be honest, I'm in a moment of my life when I not sure if to continue with TFC Toys or change to MT Combiners. Quantron looks just incredible, and Guardia has a could liken (although only a proto-type). Ohh "Sage of Reviews", please give your best advise! help to go out of this indesicion jajaja I figured the answer, but could you please give a brief comment about the difference between Hercules and Green Giant (just a general).

    1. Hi there! Yeah, everyone's doing ok, thanks!

      Well, I didn't, this review is courtesy of a friend of mine. Honestly, I still can't get behind MT and FP combiners. Don't get me wrong, the quality is better but the design is still...not my cup of tea. I noticed a lot of people did double-take after TFC released the picture of their Hydrant in combined mode. I was shocked myself, he's my least favorite design by TFC so far. But I still want to have a my combiners from the same company as I don't like to mix and match. Also, I'm curious, with their new releases having better quality, how will their future combiners going to be.

      Herc VS Giant?

      Well, I personally think, Giant is way sturdier and have better quality. Design will be up to everyone's preferences but i really think Giant's individual bots kind of uninspired and weak.

  2. Jeje, Thanks for your comments. Of course, I just wanted your opinion :)

    I feel the same about Hydrant. I saw a photo of him and he looks to be saying "arggg I'm a gorilla" (see it below).

    In looking, Guardia is a lot of better.(see below)

    The reason I will still try to get him are:

    1) I not sure to change company, better have only 1 (also, they all can exchange limbs, which a "plus" no other company has).

    2) Honestly, he is a filler to be balanced with 2 Autobots (Uranos/Prometheus) and 2 Decepticons (Hercules/Ares).

    3) Because it seems he is capable of full Scramble City! (image below)

    4) Getting Giant, Quantron or Guardia is cruelly hard for me because the bunch of money in a single shot (it is part of the reason why I choose Hercules instead, because I could buy him by parts). By the way, I'm about to finally finish him T-T, I will buy Exgraver at the end of this month and Madblender is on its way yeiii!.

    Thanks :)

  3. If you see him from here, he does not "look so bad" XD