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Monday, 17 November 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Blindfire - Pictorial Review

The last of Quantron's limbs, before we move on to Metalstorm (Not-Scattershot) and finally, Quantron (Not-Computron) himself. Sorry for the delay as there are too much on my plate right now, hopefully will be able to settle all pending reviews in a week or two.

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Strafe was created alongside the other Technobots by the [temporarily] genius Grimlock from components found within Unicron's head. Strafe was the first to show what he can do, given task by Grimlock to disable Unicron's internal defenses.

G1 Strafe
Pic Credit : Web
In Package

Instruction Booklet

It's obvious that Blindfire has the simplest transformation of all the five. However, that's not particularly a bad thing.

Blindfire comes with 2 guns that homage G1 Strafe's weapons.

Alt Mode

That's Strafe! My second favorite figure of the set. Blindifre follows the design of G1 Strafe almost to the letter with the only difference is the cockpit being red instead of white in the animation.

Side View
The alt mode is rather light due to the size of the figure, much like the previous three members. However, it's really solid and not at all flimsy, with everything pegs in together perfectly.

There's not much detailing of Blindfire aside from the red highlights and on the wings which follows the G1 toy version of Strafe.

G1 Strafe's alt mode has the guns forming the front portion of the jet but for Blindfire, the guns are attached to the front part adding fire power to him.

Size Comparison

Much like the previous three figure (Overheat, Sonic Drill and Celeritas), Blindfire kind of scaled well with Voyager Optimus Prime mold, much like most newer Generations Deluxes.

Robot Mode

Simple but practical. Blindifre transformation is intuitive and straightforward. That's far from being an issue, as long as the it serves the purpose (and in Blindfire case, it does).

Side View

The front portions of the alt mode are attached to back of the shoulders, together with the guns.

The head sculpt is really well done, great detailing especially on the visor. The paint app follows G1 Strafe toys rather than the animation (white face, blue eyes/visor).

The articulation and aesthetic of Blindfire are superb! Really love the streamline design and the dynamic poseability.

Overall, the joints are pretty tight on Blindfire, the weakest being the joint on the hips.

Blindfire comes with a ball-jointed head, ball joint and hinge on the shoulders. hinge on the elbows and swivel on the wrists.

The waist is on swivel joint, the hips are on universal joints, ratchet joint on the knees and ball jointed feet.

The front portion of the jet can be used as weapons or as they call them, "Laser-Bladed Swords". Even without the swords, the guns can still be attached to Blindfire's shoulders.

Size Comparison

Size-wise, Blindfire is a tad bit taller than Celeritas but smaller than Sonic Drill and Overheat.

Again, it's a shame that the 2 combiners by Maketoys doesn't really scale with each other in individual mode. I used to think that Giant's team members are small, but not anymore!

My second favorite MT Not-Technobots!

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