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Monday, 27 October 2014

Transformers Generation Deluxe Chromia - Pictorial Review

Enough with combiners (for now), it's time an official release of a character whose 'type' doesn't make appearance quite often in Transformers universe especially in CHURG line (original mold). In fact, its 1 out of 2 of its kind to be officially release under the Neo-G1 line, both under the same wave (excluding TFTM All Spark Power Fracture who uses Classics Mirage's mold). Chromia, the Autobot Fembot.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Along with the other Fembots, Chromia first appeared in G1's The Search for Alpha Trion. Chromia, along with Moonracer and Firestar who are working under the orders of Elita One, sneak into Shockwave's headquarters to raid the energon cubes stockpile. As the mission went south, they escape and return to Elita One only to be ambushed by the Decepticons and Elita One captured.

The Fembots
Pic Credit : TFWiki

After the Generation 1 timeline, Chromia (at least the name) made few other appearances in both cartoon and comic book, the most recent would be in the IDW Generation 1 continuity. Born from the hot spot (filled with unborn sparks) in Caminus, Chromia is a part of a distant colony of Cybertronians whose citizens had adapted to their new life by developing differentiated genders. Joined by Nautica, Chromia went to Cybertron as bodyguards for the Cityspeaker, Windblade.

Chromia and Windblade
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Alt Mode

Chromia transform into a futuristic bike (that reminds me of Afterburner) instead of a Cybertronian Car/Carrier, following the alt mode of the first Chromia toy ever released (referring to THIS Chromia, not the Galaxy Force version of Chromia) as part of the Botcon 2004 Descent Into Evil Box Set. In addtion, the mold is not new but instead a heavy retool of RID Arcee (which made me bent my rule of colleting. Sigh).

Chromia is mostly in 2 shades of blue with nicely done red stripes and the finishing was done beautifully. Transformation between mode is really simple and everything pegs in securely including her gun at the side of the bike.

The fists and feet at the back are still quite visible, but that doesn't really bother me much.

The front wheel is on a swivel, due to the transformation, which allows it to rotate.

Size Comparison

Next to Perfect Effect's Motobot RC (Not-Arcee), Chromia is just a bit smaller and lighter due to the absence of diecast part (unlike RC).

Aesthetic wise, these two really fit together, both being futuristic bikes.

Both can't seem to hide the hands

Robot Mode

Chromia transform into a robot that looks really similar to RID Arcee which in this case is not a bad thing. In one glimpse, I feel that she fits the mold better well. However, the kibble behind her head is too obvious even from far.

However, the head sculpt is perfect, capturing the head design of IDW Chromia (not the more mature feel of the G1 cartoon version)

Side View
This is the weakest part of Chromia, the back kibble. This might be due to the fact that the mold is a retool and Hasbro didn't want to change anymore that they already have (cost issue) which is a shame considering that's the only thing left to make this a more than decent figure. The only additional improvement to be done would be make the translucent part detachable (forming Chromia's shield as in the comic book) and for the wheel to be folded down all the way (or splits into two just like in the comic book). Just a bit more...

Back View
Nope, it doesn't look good from the back either.

Aside from that, Chromia is a pretty decent figure. The joints are tight even the ball joint on the hips, which is rare for a HasTak deluxe figure. There's also no issue of the arms or legs popping of during transformation which is kind of good.

For her articulation, Chromia comes with a ball-jointed head, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips (WOW!! Never realized it until I'm writing it down). The knees are on a hinge while there's no articulation on the feet.

Comparison Shots

Head-to-head, Chromia is basically the same height as Windblade, making them look good together. Wonder how tall Arcee will be..

Compared to Perfect Effect's Motobot RC, Chromia is just a tad bit shorter than her which is not bad. To me, both Chromia and Windblade (and maybe Arcee) are considered lucky because although HasTak had reduced the size of their deluxes, they get a free pass for being Fembots where smaller size might actually looks better for them.

Finally, HasTak recognizing the needs of Fembot in CHURG line, it only took 8 years! I like to see how serious are they in tackling these characters, will there be more to be released? Will they be decent figures or just a lazy repaint of these few Fembot molds we have? Or retooling unrelated mold and give them just a new head and a Fembot's name? We shall see. For now, Kudos to HasTak for Chromia and Arcee!


  1. I finally got Windblade, and am looking forward to getting Chromia so I can pose them together. :D

    1. Enjoy! I'm currently waiting for Generations Arcee to continue the Fembots Madness!

    2. Aw shoot, I just read on TFW that Singapore is not getting Arcee and Chromia. T_T

    3. Heard the same In Malaysia too. If they didn't reached here this week, need to find another source

  2. How did you get yours then?

    1. From a friend, he got it overseas. However both had reached local market yesterday haha