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Friday, 3 October 2014

Unique Toys Ordin O-01 Troll - Pictorial Review

This review is courtesy of 1Toy.

Not every time a company can surprised the fans. After their debut release Warlord (Not-Predaking), Unique Toys released quite a few figures that showed significant improvement product after product. Most notable personally from me would be Mania King, their own rendition of G1 Galvatron. When people thought they are through with combiners, Unique Toys releases pictures of their version of G1 Abominus, dubbed Ordin and Troll, their Not-Blot.

Blot and the rest of the Terrocons made their debut during G1 Episode Grimlock's New Brain, assaulting the Autobots as they arrive at Unicron's head led by Grimlock to stop Galvatron from harvesting more anti-electrons.

In Package

Since this is a sample, it doesn't come with a box nor instructions sheet. Hopefully I'll be able to review this right. However, pictures of the packaging can be seen below

Pic Credit : G3Studio

Pic Credit : G3Studio

Alt Mode

Surprise, surprise, surprise! There are a lot of Transformer figures that have original and creative transformation sequence, mostly Masterpiece, 3rd Parties and the first 2 movies. But Unique Toys Troll takes the cake!

Another thing that caught my attention was how different Troll's material is, compared to Maniaking or their other releases. IF this was released as an unknown product, my best guess would be either it's a product by Mastermind Creations or Warbotron.

Blot's design is nicely done and clean with no kibble at all. This is pretty much unexpected considering the looks of the alt mode. It is as if half of the body is put aside.

Back View

The head has few detailing but the jaw can't be opened and there's no lightpiping for the eyes. Is it just me or the head looks a lot like Godzilla (2000)?

Another surprise is that Blot uses a connector port similar to that of Warbotron's, at least the shape of it. Hopefully we'll find out more in near future. Despite not being too obvious, it could've been better if the port can be covered.

The only accessory that comes with Blot is the combiner's foot. The 2 sides can be detached to become Troll's twin blasters.

The middle part of the combiner's foot can be mounted on Troll's back while the twin blasters on his forearms.

Back View

The cover on the front half of the foot can be lifted revealing missile pods.

Size wise, Troll is only half Voyager  Optimus Prime's height, making him considerably small (but wide) even compared to a Deluxe figure.

In alt mode, Troll's head is on a hinge (but can only be pushed downward), the shoulders are on hinges, the same with the elbows. The claws are on individual ball joints which allow them to be positioned freely.

There are no waist joint in alt mode, the thighs are on ball joints, the knees are on ratchet joints and the feet are on hinges.

Robot Mode

The transformation between modes is ingenious and so much fun. All the joints can be considered sturdy and strong enough without any parts having risk of snapping of or broken (as far as I can see).

The middle part of the foot can be attached to his back pack while the twin-blasters on his forearms. Despite the fact that being able to equip all the accessories can be considered as a bonus, I wish there's a more symmetrical way of attaching the foot.

The head sculpt is not really my cup of tea but it is nicely done and quite highly detailed.

Side View
Even with the heavy backpack and the combiner's foot, Troll can be considered as a stable figure.

Back View

Articulation wise, Troll can be considered average. The head is on ball joint, the shoulders are on swivel and hinges, waist swivel, universal joints on the hips double jointed knees and ankle tilts.

Yes he can!

Comparison Shots

Nicely scaled, Troll is the same size as Warbotron WB-01A Air Burst. That, together with the feel of the plastic, the [most probably] same combiner port and the design, can't help but wonder, are they from 2 same companies?

Combiner Mode

The foot is made out of a solid plastics, feels more compact compared to TFCs or MMCs. However, what worries me is that connector is quite thin considering the weight he must carry later. Not to mention it doesn't have any ratcheting joints. 

The leg mode is quite solid and doesn't look like it'll collapsed under the combiner's weight. I do wish however the inside of the shoulders are facing inwards rather than outwards.

Another thing is that the giant hand doesn't peg anywhere and just hanging against his back. This would be a problem if the shoulder joints that hold them together are not strong enough.

With Classics Optimus Prime's variant

The movement is quite limited due to Troll's bottom parts bumping into the feet.

I don't remember how tall Feral Rex is but Ordin was said to 37 cm and I was told Feral Rex is only around 32 cm. But from here, Troll seems to be shorter in limb mode compared to MMC Fortis.

Will it be possible that in near future, Unique Toys and Warbotron releases compliment each other's products ? And will they try to complete the 8 original G1 Combiners?



  1. I like your style. Pictorial Review + Information + Reference, Brilliant

    1. Thank you, glad you like it. Any comments/opinions is much appreciated

  2. I've read a lot of different reviews thus far for Troll and everyone keeps praising the figure. Can it really be that good? I hope so b/c he's the next figure I plan to pre-order.

    1. well,if Troll is a testament on how Ordin would be, it think it'll be great. On Troll itself, quality is really great, comparable to that of MMC and Warbotron.

  3. I love the featured review section at the top and I'd love to know how you did it. I'll add your blog to my blog's blog roll on my next update. Good stuff my friend!

    1. thank. write me at, we can discuss there

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  5. Hi,

    Me again :) Confirming: Ordin will stand for 37 CM. Which are the "Original Eight" Combiners? Because I always count 9.

    Nice review like always. I do not always comment, but I check frequently for news about combiners

    1. thanks for your never ending support, really appreciate it. i always thought the original 8 are Defensor, Superion, Computron, Devastator, Predaking, Abominus, Bruticus, and Menasor, To me Monstructor was not in the G1 cartoon and Seacon was later after that

  6. No problem, i told you, you have a "loyal follower here".

    That is the confusion! I though Seacons was part of hte G1. Thanks for clarification. I don't know if have tell you this, but I prefer Autobots over Deceptions. Bad for me that combiners are 3 Autobots / 5 Decepticons, there is no balanced in the univers T-T (on the top of that, the only 6-Members robot is a decepcticon). jajaja

    I will say this here: I like you review about Feral Rex (you almost make me change my mind jajaja, but TFC Ares is still me favorite). I cannot wait to see that gorgeous robot completed.

    1. Haha, to make it clear, that's my definition of 'original combiners', the 8 that I saw in G1 cartoon.

      Sad to say I still haven't got the date for Phobos, been delayed quite a few time now