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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

TFC Gumball [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

TFC seems to be on a roll lately. They were on a break after Nemean was released and now, they have Phlogues and Gumball released closely (with Conabus and Not-Groove coming in soon).

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Streetwise is part of Protectobot team that made a fair number of appearance throughout the series, as either as individual, team or combined form. As the team name implies, Streetwise and the rest of the Protectobots (usually First Aid and Groove) spend a lot of their time in rescue missions, helping the human that are affected by Decepticon's evil plan.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

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In Package

First and foremost, my best guess on the name would be in reference to the 'Gumball' light, beacon used as police siren before. Gumball comes in a grey/silver box with a police badge on the front next to the Gumball artwork. Not sure will all the design be used for next Prometheus members or just for Gumball.

Like I said about Phlogeus, I hate the picture of the toy in front of the box. Tada! Nice artwork

Side View
From the artwork, I feel like Gumball has some sort of Japanese element in his design

Back View

Gumball comes with an instruction sheet and a tech spec, combiner foot and also 2 guns with their attachment.

Instruction Sheet

Tech Spec
Alt Mode

Unlike G1 Streetwise, Gumball transform into a Mustang instead of Nissan 300ZX (or is it 240SX? Sorry, not really a fan of cars).

Transformation is standard for a car Transformers with the upper body forming the front portion of the car. However, transformation from robot to car is kind hard maybe due to the fact that TFC design all the parts to be closed fit (to increase sturdiness as Gumball forms Prometheus's left leg) and the instruction isn't helping. I can't really describe it but in short, transform the front part of Gumball halfway, proceed with his legs THEN continue to the front part again (instead of doing the front part all the the way).

TFC puts a decent amount of detailing on Gumball as can be seen above, from front to the back.

Fingerprint magnet!

Now for some size comparisons

I know that most people worries about how big will he be in alt mode. Well, he's slightly bigger than a Deluxe car which reminds me of pre-2011 Deluxes.

For me, the size is good enough to fit in my CHURG cars.

As a homage to G1 Streetwise, Gumball can attach his 2 guns at the back.

However, instead of being attached directly, there's a connector to hold the 2 guns and peg to the car. And I can't find a place to store the connector in robot mode and combiner mode..yet.

Robot Mode

Gumball robot mode looks like a crossover of G1 Streetwise design (body, legs) and also Generation Drift (shoulders, head).  The paint scheme pretty much following his G1 iteration (white, black and red).

Side View

Despite having a clean design, his backpack pegs in a bit of an awkward way, should've been done better. The design of the legs pretty much resembles Universe Sunstreaker/Sideswipe.

Extra detailing - Engine

The head design doesn't really follow Streetwise but great nonetheless with blue light piping (not in picture) resembling G1 Streetwise eyes color.

Equipped with 2 guns

The guns have exceptional detailing, different from previous TFC releases

Aesthetic wise, I really like Gumball. However, really disappointed with his shoulders articulations

Gumball comes with ball jointed head, double jointed shoulders (but quite limited), ratcheting elbows, waist swivel, universal joints on the thigh with swivel joint below them, hinge on the knees (more than 90o) and ball jointed feet.

Some people are worried with the feet sturdiness but I must say, they are stable enough.

Compared to Generations Deluxe cars, Gumball is a bit taller event compared to Drift, a tall Deluxe.

Now my favorite part, comparison between Gumball of Prometheus (Not-Defensor) with Air Burst of Warbotron (Not-Bruticus)

Combiner Mode

Prometheus Foot

I have a lot of complaints about Uranos's feet as I think it is poorly design that effect the overall aesthetic of the combiner. Let see what TFC do to fix that.

The side-to-side ratchet has been improved where the gap between gears is smaller compared to Uranos, allowing a more natural poses.

Next is the front-to-back ratchet which Uranos didn't have. However, unlike Uranos's, the foot is only one piece where it doesn't have a hinge for the toes.

Prometheus Left Leg

Gumball head can actually be pushed inside further to hide it

Side by side comparison with TFC Uranos

Gumball in combiner mode is a tiny bit shorter than TFC Uranos's. So, the height of Prometheus depends on how tall Not-Hot Spot in combiner mode.

My new boot

Despite the condition of my wallet, I like the speed of TFC releases now. With Prometheus and Ares on the way, paired with Warbotron Not-Bruticus and soon Not-Menasor, the 8 G1 original combiners will be completed in no time

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