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Friday, 30 May 2014

Age Of Extinction Voyager Class Grimlock (Hasbro Version) - Pictorial Review

It seems that this few weeks, Transformers is all about Age of Extinction. The launching of the toys ended up to be a pretty big deal here in Malaysia, with few friends lined up at Toys Ur Us during their Midnight Madness early this month.

As usual, from the start, never intended to get any movie figures. No offense, it's because I only collect CHURG figures. Didn't thought my wife was the one ended up wanting to collect the Dinobots, haha. But this won't be a long review, just a short one.

So first of, AoE Voyager Grimlock!

In Package

The thing surprises me the most is how simple the packaging of AoE releases. And small!

However, the artwork is awesome! Grimlock is shown in silver color, roughly like what can be seen in the Trailer, as opposed to the toy colors.

Back View
At the back, there're Grimlock in both modes with, if I'm not mistaken, a rather short character's bio. However, I like the way they design the back of the box.

Character's Bio

Alt Mode

My wife was contemplating whether she should get Voyager or Leader Class Grimlock but having the opportunity to fiddle around with the Leader version, told her to opt for the Voyager one.

Grimlock is mostly light brown with hint of silver/grey and black. Alt mode wise, he has a better proportion compared to the Leader version which

I can't really be sure but from what I can see, the overall figure is a huge improvement compared to DOTM era. The colors are rich and the design looks kind of great. Grimlock have 2 configurations for the tail part, one being the weapon being attached at the back;

Or having the tail from the legs. AoE Grimlock transformations is the same as Voyager FOC Grimlock in most aspects, notably the tail.

The underside of the body is a bit hollow but the T-Rex arms can be position to cover the area and add a bit of bulkiness.

Despite having a lot of gray parts on the head, the detailing is admirable with few silver color parts and the eyes are beautiful emarald color.

*there's a button that can close up his jaw located on the left side of his head which I forgot to take picture of, sorry

Robot Mode

Like I mentioned before, transformation wise it's pretty much similar to FOC Grimlock. However, quality wise, AoE Grimlock feels sturdier than the FOC version which is kind of an improvement to me.

Looking at him, I seriously hope that he transform into robot mode in the movie cause he looks wicked! Many people prefer the Leader Class version but I don't know, this looks great.

The weapon is kind of hollow but that maybe due to the way it is to be attached to the tail.

Damn the face looks great! Many people complaint about how this is not 'Grimlock' but maybe they miss the face sculpt, especially the teeth.

The back however is not something fans would prefer though. There's too many visible hollowness.

His posebility is quite moderate though.

Grimlock comes with swivel joint on the neck, hinge and swivel joints on the shoulders, hinge on the elbows, universal joints on the thighs and a hinge on the knees.

Sadly, due to the way he transform, Grimlock doesn't have a waist swivel. There's no ankle tilt but the joints are positioned somewhat higher. For the wrists swivel, the dino feet need to be unpegged to allow them to turn.

The way Grimlock holding the weapon is kind of weird though, wish they did something about that.

Like I said, WICKED!

Sorry as I don't have any other movie figures to compared Grimlock with. However, I'm fairly surprised though, after DOTM, AoE (specifically the Dinobots) seems like a step in the right direction. Kudos!


  1. found a lot that i would like to illustrate. thanx honey!

  2. Racun,racun,racun...hehee...nice review,bang! - dhiren

    1. Haha, thanks. Not doing any AoE Review?

  3. Leader Class in alt mode..agreed on the look off thing..

    1. yup. it's a pity considering the robot mode of the leader class is awesome

  4. I have Ultimate Class Predaking from Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series. Thought of getting this one as an addition into my collection. Maybe you could compare both figures in terms of their features. :)

    1. Wish i can help you but like I said, i don't have any figures other than CHURGs, sorry

  5. More prefer d voyager class than d leader coz it look more proportion. Nice review bro...

  6. I bet it would look great posing beside Beast Wars Megatron!

    1. I think he WILL be repainted into some sort of Botcon or TFCC Beast Wars Meg, haha