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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Xovergen Trailerforce TF-01 Masterarmor - Pictorial Review

Xovergen perhaps is one the few 3rd party companies that doesn't release 2-3 figures per year hence reducing the damage to my wallet. They first annouced their debut project with STC-GP Grand Patriot which was annouced in June 2010.

Pic - Credit

Xovergen STC-GP Grand Patriot was release circa 2011, a release inspired by a concept art by artist don Figueroa, a Transformers-G.I Joe Crossover design of Optimus Prime as Rolling Thunder.

It received several releases of green and red colors but not great reception by the fans (especially green color version) as there were issues of quality of the plastic and the design itself.

However, not giving up, Xovergen teased us in 2011 with their plan of producing on of the iconic characters in Transformers fandom (and haven't received any release since he last appearance in 1988), Super Ginrai of Transformers : Super-God Masterforce

Super Ginrai
Pic Credit : Web

Transformers : Super-God Masterforce was the 2nd series that wasn't released by the US after Transformers Headmaster.

There are a few version of the story which gave different explanations of the event happening during Masterforce (not to mention how Ginrai looked like Optimus Prime) so I'll be skipping it.

But you can just easily google it for either the TV Series, the Marvel Comic or the Japan Comic versions

So, let us start!

First of all, the top left is Super Ginrai in Alt Mode, bottom left is his Powermaster, center is Ginrai with the trailer as Battle Station and lastly Super Ginrai. Xovergen Trailerforce TF-01 Masterarmor is an add-on homaging Super Ginrai with either using Classics/Henkei Optimus Prime, Masterforce Ginrai or G1 Optimus Prime.

In Package

In Package - Front View

Here's Masterarmor, with Henkei Optimus Prime that will be used for the review. This is the biggest box for the party that I had ever owned. Xovergen still maintaining the same theme in terms of the design of the box

In Package - Back View

The design is a bit simple in the back with the actual picture of the add on, a small checklist of the parts included, a great art of Masterarmor etc

List of parts

Wallet killer!
One that interest me (which I hate at the same time) is a teaser of their upcoming offering, and add on that will allow Masterarmor to transform into Not-God Ginrai

It will be my time next!

Out Of Package
The package came with Masterarmor, 1 head,  2 cannons, 2 buster guns, 2 turrets, 2 connectors and trailer cover.

Also included are a Biocard and instruction sheets. Here, I think they could improve!

The instruction is too simplified and skipped part of the sequence. Not to mention there are some difference in configurations when using different truck cab

Alt Mode

Masterarmor with Henkei Convoy

Nicely design in my opinion. Instead of "articulating" his G1 counterpart, Xovergen presented us with something that potrayed Classics/Neo G1 version of Powermaster Prime

I've tested both versions of Classics and Henkei mold (not picture with Classics though) and I saw the the blue color of Henkei really match Masterarmor's blue. The red however somehow seemed like a different shades of red

As you can see, there's a visible gab on the front portion of the trailer. Other than that, everything seems solid

Great detailing and nice weapon placements

Size comparison

More or less have the length compared with Optimus Prime with Fansproject G3 Trailer

Battle Station Mode

I'd owned this for more than 1 week but skipped the battle station mode thinking that it is ridiculous. But I guess I'm wrong. Transformation wise, it's kind of in between the transformation from trailer mode to robot mode. However, the 2 cannons doesn't really pegged in, only sits loosely on the body

Back View

How I see it, it appears that there's some room of creativity in configuring this mode but I'll try to stick with the original configuration

High firepower!

There isn't exactly a trigger, peg or anything in this mode for Optimus Prime but it's plausible enough

Robot Mode

Now for the big climatic part, the robot mode

Alive, Super Ginrai! The design is mostly spot on where in a glimpse, you KNOW it's Super Ginrai. Comes with a few chromed parts which fits Henkei Convoy aside from the dark blue color.

Back View
One think that does bother people in using the Classics/Henkei version as the truck cab would be the hanging legs at the back of Masterarmor

However, as you can see above, the legs aren't really visible so it doesn't really bothers me. It's just a matter of the angle in which the pictures are taken

Head sculpt wise, Xovergen decided to really giving Homage to the 1988's toy. No light piping but with red-chromed plastic in the eyes.

2 missiles on each fore-arm

Let's continue with his articulations

This might not be everyone's favourite but as you can see the shoulders are on ball joints which known to easily become loose especially with the big guns. But the good thing is that it's fixible. It also came with double jointed elbows which really a big add up

The are two more parts ball joints used on this figure which is the wrists and the thumbs. Both are a bad choice as it can't support the weight of the guns and also, since the guns doesn't came with pegs (just small groves that can be seen on the picture), loose thumb making it hard to hold the guns. But again, these are minor as they're also fixable

 His lower body's articulations also doesn't dissapoint, considering his massive size. He comes with waist joint (which need to do some adjusting with the leg of Henkei Convoy on it's back), swivel thighs and knees. Also, the feet are on ball joints and the end part of the feet can be tilt upwards allowing a few more poses. But can it? Will he fall down easily as most big-scaled figures before him?

 Nope! From what I can see, as long as the ball joints on his feet doesn't loosen up, he'll be very stable for displaying and taking pictures

Aside from the robot, a part of the trailer formed a 'weapon garage' according to Xovergen. This might not be really practical, just a bunch of parts put together

 Here's how big he is! Enough to rival TFC Hercules

Now, is he worth it? First of all, Masterarmor is the kind of product that takes a few times to get used to. However, once you get the flow, it's a fun toy to play with not to mention the coming Not-God Bomber.
Quality wise, he's worth every penny. And since since I'm anxious to start venturing my Classics line-up into Headmasters and onwards, he just felt so great!

Waiting for BTS Not-Overlord

Hope you guys enjoyed this review


  1. Thanks for the review I love mine. Can't wait for the God Bomber set.

    1. Thanks :) Me too, having high hope for it!

  2. Superb!!!!!



  4. where did you get him did not offer him?

    1. I got in him from a local toy store. Even the Vindicator reached here today but i'll be skipping him

    2. local toy store sells 3rd party transformers, where do you live, because in Washington DC the Toys R Us hardly has real Transformers on the shelves.

    3. I'm from Malaysia. Yeah, same here, Toys R Us never been my choice to shop. But we here have few local stores that brings in a lot of 3rd party stuff.