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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2013 Want List

During the recent Chinese New Year holiday, I decided to stay instead of going back to my hometown to rest a little bit, had friends over to hang out and stuff. Decided to do something I've planned for quite sometime, transforming all of my collections to alt mode just for kick (and doing inventory)

Left out maybe 3-4 figures, here's the only figures that are in my collection

My Neo-G1 collections

Looking at it, made a check list of what I'm still missing, hopefully can be a guide for my 2013 hunt

Lambor - Henkei
Sunstreaker - Henkei
Red Alert - Henkei

Bumblebee - 3 packs
Bugbite - Botcon 2007
Hound - Henkei, Scorch (Botcon 2010)
Perceptor - United
G2 Megatron - 2 pack, Special Edition
Skywarp - Henkei
Thundercracker - Henkei, Botcon 2007, Botcon 2010 (G2)
Thrust - Botcon 2007
Dirge - Botcon 2007
G2 Prime - Botcon 2012 (Shattered Glass)SG G2 Magnus - Botcon 2012 (Shattered Glass)

Strika - Botcon 2013

Ratbat - United
Tankor - Henkei
Mirage - Henkei
Ratchet - Henkei
Ironhide - Henkei
SG Soundwave - Botcon 2012
SG Grimlock - Botcon 2008
Cyclonus - 2 pack
Drift - United, Shatterd Glass 2011
Streak - Henkei
Smokescreen - Henkei
Deepdive - Hasbro
Powerglide - Henkei, Walmart Exclusive
Megatron - United
Magnificus - United eHobby
Springer - United
Blitzwing - United, Doubledealer (Hasbro)
Orion Pax - United

Skid - Hasbro
IDW Megatron - United, G2 Dreadwing (Hasbro)
G2 Dreadwing - Hasbro
Seargeant Kup - United, MW Electron (Botcon 2013)

Manage to secure United Stepper and Henkei Ghost Starscream, that's a good start I guess


  1. Replies
    1. thanks baby. feel free to buy for me any of the above

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. hahaha ok metroplex tapi xde dalam list? :p

    4. haha, yg tu biar dulu, kene tgk final product

  2. updet plis. barang lom sampai lagi?

  3. Oh my god~!you got a lot of nice collections!so envy~!
    How come I saw seaspray appear in your collection but last time I remember you not plan to collect movie mold tf.

    so far didn't see your superion, bruticus, insecticon, primus, unicron, FPJ chromedome, warcry and flameblast (both FPJ repaint of bruticus add on)

    But I guess you should be have all I have mentioned at above. :)

    1. haha, i really thought seaspray was meant for classics, haha. the ones u mentioned are all repainted from other lins, energon etc, sold the off.

  4. excellent collection, Not from the CHUG line but I recommend ROTF Bludgeon and Music Label Blaster

    1. thanks you. I tried before, in fact I used to have botht that u mention but sell of not long after. that's why now, I try not to divert from my official CHURG list