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Monday, 10 February 2014

30th Anniversary Transformers Expo Malaysia 2014

It's been crazy these past 2 weeks, haven't been updating my blog since January. TransMY had been chosen to be part of the 30th Anniversary Transformers Expo Malaysia 2014, taking place in Genting Highland, Malaysia, from 31st January to 16th of February 2014. 

*not everything in the expo are featured here*

Me and my wife were welcomed by Kre-O Optimus Prime

Chronology and History

Detailed Transformers chronology since its conception

Write-up on Transformers Fall of Cybertron


The Transformers Showcases are contributed fully by TransMY, by nearly 30 collectors. The 13 showcases are :-

A - Transformers Generation 1 (US and Japan)
B - Transformers Generation 2 and Transformers Micromaster
C - Transformers Beast Wars and Transformers Beast Machine
D - Transformers Robot In Disguise and Transformers Armada
E - Transformers Energon and Transformers Galaxy Force
F - Transformers Animated and Transformers Prime
G - Transformers Alternator/Binaltech and Transformers Masterpiece
H - Transformers The Movie (TFTM)
I - Transformers Classsics/Henkei/Universe/Reveal The Shiled/Generations
J - Transformers Revenge of The Fallen
K - Transformers Dark Of The Moon
L - Transformers Titanium Series, PCC and Bumblebee Showcase
M - Exclusives

The space are quite limited resulting some of the figures crammed together and so figures moved to other showcases

Showcase A

Showcase B

Showcase C

Showcase D

Showcase E
*Missing Pictures*

Showcase F

Showcase G

Showcase H
*Missing Pictures

Showcase I

Showcase J

Showcase K
*missing pictures*

Showcase L

Showcase M

Camaro Room

The Tunnel

3D Show

A 3D short film Transformers Series highlights

Laser Show


There has been many comment regarding the Expo, some are good, some are bad. However, personally, this expo is great improvement in terms of exposing Malaysia to the world and also, showing the capacity of Malaysian Transformers collectors

More information can be obtained at Transformers Malaysia.

Till All Are One


  1. i missed taking some of the showcase photos!

  2. tahniah bro. aku tengok dari jauh pun dah rasa hepi. nampak jelas korang bagi all out effort disitu. tambah-tambah ini 1st big event kat malaysia yang pernah aku tengok.

    1. thanks bro. ade kurang here and there, hopefully masa depan kite bleh improve. thanks for the support bro