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Friday, 12 June 2015

Botcon 2015 Burn Out - Pictorial Review

This is a gallery and brief review of a figure, rumored to be part of Botcon 2015 exclusive line-up. There's no official name for him yet, so we'll just call him Black Skids for now.

*Update : He's called Burn Out

This variant is said to be a homage to the black Diaclone version of Skids/Crosscut.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Review of the previous variants can be found below

Alt Mode

Just as the name implied, this variant of Skids comes in black paint app with red highlights nicely put on the side. This is a bit different compared to the Diaclone version where the stripes on the side are yellow rather than red.

Just like IDW Skids, Crosscut and Rollbar, the rims are fully painted unlike normal Generation releases generally.

And just like the others, the paint app on the back are minimum.

The guns that he came with are in light grey unlike Skids that came with dark grey guns.

Group Shots

From left, Hasbro Rollbar, IDW Skids, Black Skids, IDW Crosscut and Takara Rollbar.

Robot Mode

Black and red! Gorgeous! Despite being a straight repaint, I really like how he turn out.

Side View

Back View

Like I said, he is a straight repaint of Skids without any retool. Usually that does bother me but if he really is "Diaclone Skids", it make sense to retain the original head.

Fold-up shoulder cannons

The paint job on the shoulder missiles is a bit disappointing as the finishing is not really clean. Maybe the official release will be better? 

And just like all the variants after Skids, the thighs are assembled correctly so there's no problem to his range of movement.

Group Shot

This picture reminded me of why I love mold-collecting!

Botcon is in the air!