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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Age Of Extinction Platinum Edition Breakout Battle Rollbar - Pictorial Review

It's not uncommon to have a figure from a toyline to be released under different ones. Even in Transformers The Movie (TFTM) toyline, there are a lot of figures from the Unicron Trilogy being repainted and parked under that banner.

Even Universe 2.0 have a lot of non-original CHURG molds released under it. However, only Allspark Power Decepticon Fracture (Classics Mirage) and Classics Bumblebee of The Legacy of Bumblebee are the only characters that use CHURG's original mold to be released under non-CHURG toylines.

The Legacy Of Bumblebee
Pic Credit : Web

Allspark Power Decepticon Fracture
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This year, we see another 2 sets that include CHURG's original molds. One would be AoE Evolution 2-Pack : Optimus Prime; and the other is AoE Platinum Edition Breakout Battle.

Evolution 2-Pack
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Platinum Edition Breakout Battle
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Just like The Legacy of Bumblebee set, I would only hunt the specific character, rather than getting the whole set. Hence for Breakout Battle, I hunt for Rollbar (and the same with Classics Optimus Prime from the 2-pack).

Alt Mode

Rollbar is a repaint of Generations IDW Skids in white and purple deco, similar to Shane Dyson's car from Age Of Extinction. (See Below)

The original car used was Chevrolet Sonic RS

Side View

Aside from the different type of car, Rollbar looks almost exactly as the car used in the movie with minor detailing changes.

Rollbar has an overall good paint apps with almost no detailing left out from front to back;- which is great.

"Cybertronian Radial", Not "Good Year"

Just like Generations Skids, the guns can be attached to both sides of the alt mode.

Yet, I really hate having big weapons visible in alt mode. Missed the days of Classics, Universe 2.0, and early Generations where the weapons are concealed in their alt mode.


Robot Mode

The first thing I noticed about him in robot mode is that how much tighter the hip joints are compared to Generations Skids.

Rollbar doesn't come with any retool parts and is exactly the same as Skids' mold.

Back View

Side View

On the artwork of the box, Rollbar can be seen with different head sculpt, more similar to Generations Crosscut rather that Skids. Maybe Hasbro felt it was redundant to release 2 characters using the same mold at roughly the same time; but I think Rollbar could actually come out better than this. Compared to the rest of his body, the paint apps on his head is quite minimal.


With Lost Age Rusty Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

Despite the limited articulations, the strong joints did improve his play ability...a lot! (For full review of his articulation, click here.)

Unlike Skids, Rollbar doesn't come with those mis-assemble issues for his hip joints. Good to know that Hasbro realized their mistake.

The "What Could Have Been" scene

He might not be a popular choice and I doubt a lot of collectors would be looking for him. However, aside from the lack of paint on his head (which should've been a different head altogether), Rollbar is somewhat interesting in his own way...especially if you are a mold collector.

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