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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Warbotron WB01B Heavy Noisy - Pictorial Review

Can't believe how late I am finishing this review, so sorry for that. The review is courtesy of X2OToys

The 2nd release from Warbotron is another component of WB01 Not-Bruticus, Heavy Noisy (Not-Brawl)

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Coming with a BOOM! Fitting his alt mode, Brawl is not someone who would sneak up on his enemy but rather they'll know his precense from miles away. Resurrected by Starscream from only his personality component doesn't mean that this particular Decepticon would bow to him. If not because of their energy absorbers taken 'hostage' by Starscream, chances are Brawl would've blown him to smithereens.

Meet the real me!
Pic Credit : TFWiki

In Package

Despite being the 2nd release, I'm still astounded by how perfectly made Warbotron's packaging are, being the best in terms of 3rd Party combiners, followed by MMC's Feral Con.

Outer Box
Back View
The back of the outer box shows another part of the puzzle which I think will be of Warbotron WB01 (Not-Bruticus) artwork. I'll wait for all the releases before putting them togather.

The inside box follows the same design and as Air Burst's box but with green color theme.

Inner Box
Back View
Heavy Noisy comes with a tech spec (hard card) and also a comic book/instruction.

Tech Spec

Comic Book/Instruction

Amazing artwork of Warbotron's next release, Sly Strike aka Not-Swindle. I'm not sure whether it is intentional or not but the grammar used in the comic books are kinda poor.

Alt Mode

One thing that I like about Warbotron series is the combination of the plastic and finishing makes the figure looks realistic.

Heavy Noisy consist mostly of colored plastic and minimum paints are used. However, the on the parts that are colored, the finishing is clean and properly done.

Back View

Heavy Noisy comes with 2 guns that can be attached on the turret. The turret can be (detached and) rotated 360o.

With Air Burst

Size-wise, Heavy Noisy is just a bit bigger in alt mode compared to Deluxe G2 Megatron which if memory serves me right, means that he's smaller than Voyager Size tank such as ROTF Bludgeon.

Roughly the same size as TFC Gumball

Robot Mode

Despite recently most 3rd Party companies aim to release an "IDW-Base" design, it appears that Heavy Noisy is based heavily on profile art of Brawl from Dreamwave Production's Generation 1 profile series.

Side View

I usually prefered figures to be able to follow their G1 designs as an alternative however it seems that it doesn't really work with Heavy Noisy as the turret is quite big.

However, when you detached the gun from the turret, it's a different story. The gun can still be attached to his back to give him more G1 looks and the turret can be attached to his arm as a shield.

Side View

I personally prefered Heavy Noisy this way but without the turret, his back is kind of plain. Aside from the back, the gun can also be held but due to the lenght and the unnatural way of holding it, I preffered not to

Unlike most 3rd party combiners, Heavy Noisy has a very accurate head sculpt and great light piping.

Articulation-wise, Heavy Noisy comes with swivel head joint, hinges and swivels on the shoulders, swivels on the biceps, hinges on the elbows and swivel joints on the wrist. He also have waist swivel, universal joints on the thighs and swivels below it, hinges on the knees and ankle tilt. Despite the number of joints, Heavy Noisy surprisingly has limited articulation compared to Air Burst. The shoulders suffer from the same fate as TFC Gumball's where the design causing the range of movement to be limited.

Pic Credit : Web
During the prototype stage, it seems that there are gaps between the shoulders and his body, leaving more room to move the hand. This design however was changed in the final product.

However, the most frustration part would be the thighs. Due to the shape, the thighs has a very limited range of movements. This is quite disappointing...

A reminder, make sure you check the guns before putting them in his hand. There are small tabs where the thicker ones should slide in the grooves on his wrists.

With Air Burst

Starscream's Brigade in the making

Heavy Noisy is a head taller than TFC Gumball in robot mode, making him roughly the same size as MMC's Feral Cons.

Combiner Mode

Heavy Noisy forms Warbotron WB01's leg and the transformation is quite simple, just fold the gun in half and also flip out up the flap to reveal the connector port (underneath the tank)

Side View

It seems that the height of both TFC Gumball and Heavy Noisy in leg mode is the same. However, seeing how tall WB01 is, I think it's either they have a thicker combiner's feet OR Not-Onslaught's main body mode is way bigger than TFC's version of main body.

Despite Heavy Noisy having high quality packaging and plastic, it kind of disappointing how limited his articulation is. Hopefully their future releases won't repeat the same mistake


  1. edmundbay@yahoo.com14 August 2014 at 04:37

    u make me want to buy this figure only.

  2. Hey, Mr, Gema, you are collecting this too? Awesome. I am just wondering whether will this fit into TH MP line or the CHURG line? I am so conflicted, what is your opinion to that?

    1. Honestly, they are just filler till TFC announces their version of Bruticus. But don't get me wrong, Warbotron is great, just that I want to have a uniformed combiners so that my lineup will have [roughly] the same aesthetic and size [and the scramble city combiner option].

      IF you mind about scale and you already have other MT/FP/TFC/MMC in your collection, Warbotron is actually too big. But if you don't I think it'll be one of the best combiner (especially if their design is you cup of tea).

      On their own, I think they fit better in Masterpiece Line rather than CHURG due to the fact the size of the individual is roughly the same as MP cars size. Then again, for me, TFC/MMC individual bots is my benchmark for combiner member's size [aside from their commander]

    2. Thanks for your valuable feedback. I will mull this over. Greatly appreciated!

      'Metal Never Dies!'

    3. Hope it helps :)
      \m/ Metal Up Your Ass! \m/

  3. Hi,

    Late again to comment jajaja. I want TFC line up too, but honestly, this Warbotron line is making me change my mind. I think I may end up with 2 TFC and 2 Warbotron (Note: I want just short collection jajaja). My concern about "conectivity" is too much (that's why I love TFC's).

    Hey Gema, just I case you haven't see this, I found pictures of Warbotron Not Afterburner from Not-Computron (I call him War-Computron for fun jajaja). I will leave the links below, If it is possible for you, please check if the conector are the same as Air Burst's (once again, "Conectivity" is crucial for my final choice).

    Also, I found some picture ways to make Air Burst "look a bit (no too much, but I'm just trying to help).

    My only "complain" about Warbotron is not having an animal robot yet (without animals, my collecion would not feel complete, so my inclination still to have all 4 robots from TFC). Aside from that, both War-Bruticus and War-Computron are looking really awesome.


    1. sorry for the late reply. yeah, i saw Warbotron's Afterburner, kind of like it better than MT's version. However, I'm still on the fence about getting it. probably will wait for their Not-Bruticus to be complete first, somethings needed clarification first, haha

  4. Hi! What is ur most favorite single n combiner n y?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Well, if u meant single non-combiner 3rd party release it would be Warden. But if u meant single combiner bot, it would be Phlogeus. And my favorite 3rd party combiner is Hercules but my favorite combiner is Leokaizer