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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Iron Factory IF-EX05 Windsaber - Pictorial Review

Now, let's take a break from Dinobots, Combiners and whatnot, be it official or 3rd party releases. Here's something out of the ordinary, a legend-size figure by the third party company, Iron Factory. 

EX-05 Windsaber (Windblade) is the fifth release after EX-01 (FOC Grimlock Add On), EX-02 Turrets and Manacle (Scramper and Slammer), EX-03 Sonictech with Bassrhino and Leotrible (Blaster with Ramhorn and Steeljaw) and EX-04 Fortress/City Commander (Ultra Magnus).

Review of the original figure, Hasbro Windblade can be found here.

Windsaber review will be brief considering how simple the figure is but will have a lot of pictures for your viewing.

In Package

Windsaber comes in a small box with japanese-style patterns on the right side. The overall design is different compared to EX-01, EX-02 and EX-03.

Back View
The design at the back of the box is pretty simple with the top-half containing silhouette of Windsaber standing on top of what appears to be HasTak Titan Class figure, Metroplex, with caption "I'm Standing On The Shoulders of Giants) on the bottom left side.

Windsaber only comes with an instruction sheet, which is pretty minimal according to today's standard.

Alt Mode

I got really excited about this review and decided to do it differently this time. Since the aim of Windsaber is to be paired with HasTak Metroplex given the character's role as cityspeaker, I'm bringing in the titan.

First of all, Windsaber only comes with a sword, shaped roughly the same as the official version but using solid plastic rather than translucent one. For those who worries, the sword is solid and I don't see it breaking easily.

Windsaber transform into a black and red VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) jet, just like Windblade.

To my surprise, the paint apps are really well-done and very clean, considering the size of the figure.

Just like the sword, solid plastic is used for the cockpit which is understandable considering the size. Despite being small, there are quite a few details incorporated into the alt mode like landing gear and the rotatable fan on the wings.

Overall, everything pegs together firmly which is good and the only visible robot parts are the fists, near the wings.

Windsaber, transform and...roll out?

Robot Mode

She is gorgeous! It's worth noting that unlike EX-02, EX-03 and EX-04 where Iron Factory designed them as miniature figures, Windsaber combines miniature and chibi-style design. The transformation is simple as expected from figure this size but the quality really surprised me. The plastic is really sturdy and doens't feel hollow at all.

Side View

Back View
Windsaber is not really kibble-free as most of the front part of the jet folded to her back. This, however, doesn't bother me much since even the official version is roughly the same (albeit the kibble is a bit smaller.)

In robot mode, it's clear how nicely done the paint apps on this figure are, more than what I expected for a legend-size bot.

There's no proper storage place for the sword but it can be pegged onto the fan on her wings. I wished she was designed better on that part, integrating the sword better in both robot and alt mode.

Windsaber comes with a ball-jointed head (wide range), swivel and ball joint of the shoulders, ball joint on the elbows and hips and swivel and hinge on her knees. She doesn't come with wrist and waist swivels nor ankle tilts.

Her articulation might seems basic but trust me, she's a very poseble figure and really fun to play with. A LOT OF FUN, especially with Metroplex.

Well, that's all for my review of Iron Factory EX-05 Windsaber. I never really bothered to check out their previous releases as legend figures are not my cup of tea. But for those who have Titan Metroplex, I highly recommend you to check her out. The figure is nicely done with excellent quality (not loose joints at all) and finishing, even better than most deluxe figures out there.

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