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Thursday, 3 April 2014

A new milestone

I've been collecting 'full time' for just about 5-6 years now and have lost count on how many time I've been asked about my rule of collecting. Well, I've had quite a few actually

1 - Once I only collect Hasbro version of CHURG molds.
2 - Bend that rule when I started collecting any Takara version of CHURG molds that were repainted into a new character, like Henkei Strafe from Cyclonus mold
3 - Bend the rule again when I made exception due to 3rd Pary releases. For example, I went for both Henkei and Classics Optimus Prime due to the release of FP DIA Commander, bought both Henkei and RTS Bumblebee to be used with Not-Bumper and Not-Hubcap MGS add on.
4 - Also bend the rule when I went for a repetitive release of the same character when the repaints are good like e-Hobby Decepticon Set where I've already had all the 3 mold (Hasbro version)
5 - Went ahead and start collecting Botcon and TFCC figures if they are using CHURG molds
6 - Due to the fact that with all of this 'exception', I ended up having at least 70%-90% of the variants for each mold, leaving behind only Henkei/United version of the molds
7 - Ended up deciding to collect every single variants ever (officially) release of CHURG molds

Quite happy thinking that I've almost completed pre-2014 releases of CHURG mold

Bumblebee w/ Wave Crusher (Classics )
Cliffjumper (Classic)  
Bumblebee (Henkei)  
Bugbite (Botcon 2007's Game Of Deception)  
Bumblebee (Reveal The Shield)  
Bumblebee (Legacy Of Bumblebee)  
Bumblebee (United)

Inferno    (Classics)
Spark/Pyro (Botcon 2010 G2 Redux)   
Solar Storm Grapple (Reveal The Shield)   
Artfire (Million Publishing Exclusive)   
Hotspot    Inferno (Henkei)   
Solar Storm Grapple (United)

Jetfire    (Classics)   
Dreadwind (Botcon 2007's Games Of Deception)   
Dark Skyfire (Henkei eHobby Exclusive)   
Treadbolt (Universe)   
Skyfire (Henkei)   
Jetfire (United)

Onslaught (Universe)
Hardhead (Universe Walmart Exclusive)   
Clench (Botcon 2012 G2 Redux)   
Onslaught (Henkei US)

Rodimus    (Classics)   
Rodimus (3-packs/2pack)   
Shattered Glass Rodimus (Botcon 2008)   
Wildrider (Henkei)   
Sideburn (TFCC 2010)   
Rodimus (Henkei)   
Rodimus (United)

Silverbolt (Universe)   
Darkwing (Universe)   
Skyfall (Universe Wallmart Exclusive)   
Silverbolt (Henkei US)           

Sunstreaker (Universe)   
Sideswipe (Universe)   
Red Alert (Generations)   
Punch Counterpunch (TFCC 2010)   
G2 Breakdown (Botcon 2011 G2 Redux)   
Breakdown (TFCC 2013)   
Sunstreaker (Henkei)   
Lambor (Henkei)   
Red Alert (Henkei)

Darkmount (Generations)
Skullgrin (Generations)   
SG Straxus (Botcon 2012)   
Darkmount (United)

Dirge (Generations)   
Dirge (United)   
Dirge (Henkei)   

Jazz (Generations)   
Stepper (Million Publishing Exclusive)   
Kick-Out/Kick-Off (Botcon 2012)   
Wheelie    (Generations)
Shattered Glass Treadshot (Botcon 2012)   
G2 Jazz(Ultimate Giftset)   
Jazz (United)

Thunderwing (Generations)   
Skyshadow (Generation)   
Metalhawk (Botcon 2012)   
Thunderwing (United)

Windcharger (Generations)
Windcharger (United)   
Wipe-out (United)               

Wreck-Gar (Generations)
Junkheap (Generation)   
Scrapheap (eHobby Set)   
SG Wreck-Gar (Botcon)   
SG Junkheap (Botcon 2012)   
SG Scrapheap (Botcon)   
Wreck-Gar (United)

* in no particular order of releases
**  name might not be accurate
*** first name (underlined and bolded) are also part of the releases

Still, have a lot of backdated figures on my list right now

Megatron (Deluxe)       
Megatron (Deluxe Special Edition)       
Optimus Prime (Deluxe)       
Optimus Prime (Deluxe Special Edition)       
Universe 2.0       
Cyclonus (2 Pack)/(3 Pack)       
Powerglide (Universe Walmart Exclusive)       
Dinobot (Henkei)       
Cheetor (Henkei)       
Hound (Henkei)       
Smokescreen (Henkei)       
Octane (Henkei)       
Megatron (United)       
Perceptor (United)       
Generations 3.0       
Minicon Assault Team       
Armada Starscream       
BM Tankor       
Shattered Glass Grimlock (Botcon 2008)       
Scorch (Botcon 2010 G2 Redux)       
Shattered Glass Soundwave (Botcon 2012)       
Dirge (Botcon 2007)       
Shattered Glass Thundercracker (Botcon 2011 G2 Redux)       
Shattered Glass Drift (TFCC 2012 Exclusive)       
Electron (Botcon 2013)       
Thrust (Botcon 2007)       
Shattered Glass Tracks (Botcon 2012)       
Strika (Botcon 2013)       
SG G2 Optimus Prime (Botcon 2012)       
SG Ultra Magnus (Botcon 2012)       
Scourge (TFCC 2013)       
Metroplex (SDCC)       
Ferak (Botcon 2014)       
Devcon (Botcon 2014)       
Astrotrain (Asia Exclusive)       
Galvatron (Asia Exclusive)       
Octane (Asia Exclusive)
Ironhide (Asia Exclusive)       
Hound (Asia Exclusive)       
Mirage (Asia Exclusive)       
Takara Generations       
Skids (Takara)       
Rhinox (Takara)       
Waspinator (Takara)       
Hoist (Takara)       
Trailcutter (Takara)       
IDW Orion Pax (Takara)       
IDW Megatron (Takara)       
IDW Bumblebee (Takara)       
Springer (Takara)       
Blitzwing (Takara)       
Sandstorm (Takara)       
Minicon Assault Team (Takara)       
Armada Starscream (Takara)       
Transformers Cloud       
Starscream (Takara Cloud)       
Convoy (Takara Cloud)       

*few of the figures haven't been released yet
*some figures are speculation as there's no official news from Takara yet

Basically, still along way to go for pre-2014 figures. But now, my main priority is the 2007 Games Of Deception Box set!

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