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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Botcon 2012 SG Straxus -Pictorial Review

During the debut of Generations line, fans were met with a few obscure characters that gave refreshing breath to the line. Aside from the new hero-in-the-making Drift, we were given a character well known in the Marvel UK continuity. Some characters are called Commander, some are Captain, Lieutenant, so on and so forth. But him, we call Lord High Governor Straxus.

Despite all that....he's still a fearsome dictator!
Bow to no one, not even Megatron himself, Straxus rule with iron fist on his throne, Darkmount. As he would say, "Mercy is not dispensed here, fools...only death!"

At the other end of this spark-ribbing, gut-wrenching menace, comes the most venerated poet ever known, the cybertronian-Shakespeare, Shattered Glass Straxus, the Bard of Darkmount.

I glow therefor we go
Pic Credit : Web
Attendee freebie at Botcon 2012, SG Straxus was part of the Invasion story arc.

Alt Mode

A direct repaint of Generations Darkmount, SG Straxus transform into a half-tracked self propelled artillery and a battle station as his 3rd mode.

A nice mix of gold-ish yellow, green and black, SG Straxus have a very clean finishing

It was a new system back then, the C-Clip. However, not something that I preferred as over time, the clip get loose.

Finally completed the mold with all 4 variants

Robot Mode

Straxus was not fans favorite when he was released, at least not from where I was. 2 things that I initially thought would be problematic, one being that the feet are attached using ball joints which can be loose (but allows Straxus to have a decent articulations on the feet) and the other would be the C-Clip weapon systems which will eventually becomes loose.

SG Straxus has a very decent paint job where the use of green doesn't look off nor awkward.

The mold has a wide range of articulation which was why I personally liked him. Swivel and ball-jointed shoulders and wrist, waist swivel, ball-jointed feet and a decent range for elbows and knees

Pick axe is metal!

Hope abides therefore I abide
Countless Challenges have not stopped me
I burn bright, filled with life
I await the darkness that the universe sends
For with my will and ember

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