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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Botcon 2013.....

It truly is a sad moment for me, being in Malaysia while Botcon is held in the land far-far I wish to bought all those stuff... Damn It!

This year's Botcon set has been revealed with more and more figures surfaced...on Ebay... Let us start with the main set

The theme of Botcon 2013 is Machine Wars, the weird time (lol), with Termination Set featuring 5 figures in total

Termination Set
Pic Source : Duh, the Net, I'm not there, REMEMBER?!!

Pic Credit : Web

The box consist of 5 figures of Machine Wars characters which are [from left], Strika (Generations Warpath mold), Megaplex (TF:Prime Skyquake/Dreadwing mold), Obsidian (HFTD Highbrow mold), Skywarp (HFTD Dirge mold) and Hoist (Generations Kup mold)

Moving on, aside from the set, few other figures for Botcon 2013 would be

- Sandstorm (DOTM Sky Hammer mold) and Electron (Generations Kup mold) as 2-pack Souvenir

Pic Credit : Botcon Official Page

- Mirage (Classics Mirage mold) and Thundercracker (HFTD Dirge mold as 2-pack Souvenir

Pic Credit : Botcon Official Page
- Generations Warpath mold for Assembled Class Kit Figure

Pic Credit : Botcon Official Page

- Starscream (HFTD Terradive mold)(far left)

Pic Credit : Botcon Official Page
Last but not least (at least as of now)

- The Rainmakers, Sunstorm, Bitstream and Hotlink (Classics Starscream mold)

Pic Credit : Botcon Official Page
This year Botcon really made me cry, too many focused on the Classics/Henkei/United/Reveal The Shield/Generations (CHURGs) line.

As of now, here's my new list :-

- Botcon 2013 Hoist
- Botcon 2013 Strika
- Botcon 2013  Electron
- Botcon 2013 Mirage
- Botcon 2013 Rainmakers

These are not much BUT when you include 3 Metroplexes (Generations, Takara and Conventions), TFC Uranos, TFC Ares, Generations and United....

Expensive year indeed.....


  1. Replies
    1. Well, that's what I thought. They only gave info on the main box set but not the extra figures.
      *at war in ebay...won 1 already*

    2. yang mane yang mane :D