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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Transformers Studio Series SS-73 Grindor & Ravage

Next is for figure that almost nobody waited for. Never had discussion with people and they say "You know what I've been waiting for? SS Grindor"

Nevertheless, here he is, with Ravage

Alt Mode

Just like the ROTF Legend and Voyager class releases before, SS Grindor is a straight repaint of Blackout, transforming into an MH-53 Pave Low

The noticeable difference is Grindor spotting yellow highlight at the frame of the cockpit windows

A very minor repaint in alt mode. Although given that it's based on real life military vehicle, that almost certainly the color it should've been (from my limited knowledge on military vehicles).

Ravage, just like Scorponok, can be attached under the helicopter's tail

Robot Mode

First, Ravage. This tiny minion comes with silver-painted head and midsection, with bright red eye. All 4 of his legs are on ball joints without knee joints 

Comparison with Studio Series Scorponok

Robot Mode

Yeap. He's almost exactly like Blackout. But first, something I noticed during transformation. The earlier wave of Studio Series suffered from quality issues, big and small. Some of Blackout's panels were made out of soft or low quality plastics that it's easy to warp to the point of almost breaking, usually where panels are attached together. Some of the panels would also fall off during transformation, mostly due to the warping issue.

However it seems different for Grindor. I can't really be sure whether the issue had been corrected but I had no issue or panels detaching during transformation and everything stays on quite well.

The only difference in terms of the molding is a new set of articulated hands on swivel joints for Grindor.

Other than the hand, Grindor and Blackout are different just in terms of their decos. Aside from slightly different colour placements, Grindor also comes with rust effects on several parts of his body. The grey plastics used for Blackout's hands, upper legs and upper arms are switch to a darker, almost black plastics.

Articulation wise, Grindor is still the same as Blackout with limited articulation (due to clearance between other body parts) and the lack of waist swivel. However, looking at the character design, one shouldn't expect much. The only improvement he has is he can move his fingers and rotate his wrists.

The knee joints are still using pins hence prone to being loose (just like my Grindor, on his left leg).

Comparison with SS-08 Blackout

To me the overall finishing of Grindor is way better and the colours are richer compared to Blackout.

I want to say the quality is better but I can't be sure as the Blackout was released years ago so some issues might be due to wear and tear (I do remember some of the panels fell off for Blackout though)

Ravage also is a nice addition for those like me who wants to have the full character lineup of the movies under the official line

Given that Grindor appearance in ROTF was no different than Blackout, it's acceptable to me that it lacks major changes.

However pairing him with Ravage does in a way make it compulsory for those who wants to just skip Grindor altogether (or using SS-08 Blackout as Grindor since it could be cheaper).

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