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Saturday, 17 July 2021

Transformers Generations Selects Deluxe WFC-GS25 Transmutate - Pictorial Review

This is somewhat irregular purchase for me, under Generation Select line,

Alt Mode

Transmutate is a repaint (with a new head) of Kingdom Paleotrax, the first fossilizer released. 

Comes in gold (or is it bronze?) and light green (or is it cyan or light blue? Sorry, am really bad identifying color), following the color scheme of BW Transmutate. The detailing and gradients are nicely done and clean

The articulation is okay in dino mode but lacking the head movement, aside from the jaw. Due to the nature of the figure, some of the the parts tend to detach sometimes when you try to move them

Despite being a deluxe class, he's roughly the same size as Voyager Dinobot/BW Grimlock in dino mode.

Robot Mode

The abomination. But a necessary one, for my Kingdom line. 

Transmutate, while not 100%, fit the aesthetic of Paleotrax mold. I think if there's a reimagining of BW, it's plausible that due to the damage sustained by the pod, Transmutate scan a skeleton and having a deformed body.

Transformation is quite easy once you're familiar with the parts (disassemble and reassemble).

The overall paint scheme works, enough for him to be identified as Transmutate. The finishing also good on mine without my smudges.

The parts stay together better in this mode than the dino mode. Overall joints are tight making it easy to pose him.

The top of the head can be tilted backward, giving him a screaming face (just like what we did before he <spoiler> in the cartoon

I like that given the situation of Transmutate, the mold gives him the same "poor little bot" kind of vibe

Size wise, he's a decent Deluxe Class figure, taller than Cheetor.

Just like other fossilizer, he can be use as add on to other figure using 5mm port. This is not my cup of tea though, same with previous weaponizers.

I think I won't be getting any 3P for my BW Kingdom lineup. And I sure won't be getting a 3P Transmutate (if there is one in this scale) since as a character, he's technically a dud and not worth spending more money on it (unless the price is cheap). 

So a Generation Select version of him would suffice


  1. Transmutate is a "female". I hope it's a female so there is more to add to my collection of fembots. Awesome pics!

    1. My bad, I made the assumption that it's a He. But technically it's not a She either, for the BW original version, only the later iteration. Most article just refer as 'It'