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Saturday, 10 July 2021

MFT MS28 Thunderbolt (Not-Blitzwing) - Pictorial Review

 Finally, we're at the end of the Decepticon Triple Changer lineup by MFT

(Review of MFT Octane can be found here.

Let's get to it

In Package

Good artwork

Alt Mode - Jet

For the first alt mode, Blitzwing transform into a jet (which technically a tank hybrid). While usually things like turret kibble under the alt mode is something that people would consider limitation of G1 toy design and newer update of the figure won't have one. But for Blitzwing, it's considered a trademark of the character (so is the tank tread at the wings)

The overall alt mode can be considered accurate to his G1 toy iteration with minimal kibble

The alt mode holds together nicely and even with the turret, he can lay flat on the ground.

With MFT Astrotrain and Octane

Alt Mode - Tank

The less complex alt mode. Compared to the other 2 Triple Changers, Blitzwing 2nd alt mode is not hard to archive. Following the G1 toy version, just flipping the flaps of the jet wings (and few other movements) would give you a nice, square-shaped tank.

There are some tabbing issue on the side of the tank where the flaps fold, which may take a few try to get them to tab and hold securely.

Something that was not shown clearly in the instruction is that the turret base can be moved front and back in between modes. Sliding it at the center would give the turret base ability to rotate and the turret moved upward.

Of all the 3, Octane feels a bit small compared to the 2. And I doubt it's due to they wanting him to scale with the others.

Robot Mode

The gorgeous bot mode. Blitzwing robot mode design really follow closely to the character design. Transformation between 3 modes is quite simple. He comes with a sword, a blaster and 1 alt head that is inspired by the TFA version.

Kibble wise is quite minimal, nothing extra than expected from a Blitzwing. The thruster feet are design well so that he's stable and not fall off.

with extra head

Articulation wise, Blitzwing comes with a bit limitation at the waist due to the back kibble, also on the shoulders when moving outward due to the shoulders cover. 

Despite all that, you can still get great poses from him. There no issue of loose joints as what you may  have experienced with MFT Octane.

Scale wise, he fits nicely with MFT (and Jinbao Megatron) lineup. However, I think MFT dropped the ball with Octane, making him smaller than the other 2 Triple Changers.

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