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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

McFarlane Violator - Pictorial Review

 I think I've been reviewing McFarlane stuff non stop and haven't do any Transformers reviews lately.

Oh well...

Next, you can't have a hero without his villain. Another Megafig by McFarlane, Spawn's Violator

Right out of the box, I'm surprised at how heavy he is. Previously DC Devastator, Darkseid and Steppenwolf can be considered solid figures already but Violator is on a whole new level.

The sculpting and level of detailing is phenomenal. There's a lot of thing going on on his body from head to toes, like the texture of the skin and the used of different tones throughout his body. The horns, nails and spikes are made out of soft rubber but not too soft that they easily bend out of shape.

The eyes are painted dark red which actually made them not visible or striking enough. Personally I would prefer a more brighter color to contra his overall paint scheme.

Articulation was never a strong suit for McFarlane releases but Violator can be considered decent. He comes with universal joints on his shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees, where most of those have quite a strong ratchet. There are also waist swivel and ab crunch to a certain degree. The head comes with a small range rotation at the base and the jaw can be push upwards (which you wouldn't do)

Balancing him can be a challenge, depending on the pose. So you need to be patient. His weak point would be the joints above his feet.

While he's considerably big, I wish he could be bigger. Minor nitpick. 

Forgive my amateur photoshop skill

Violator on his own, is a really great figure. Especially for me whose main collection consist of Transformers and Marvel Legends. I'm not use to this type of bulkiness and solidness. 

However, can McFarlane figures be better in terms of articulations? I don't know. What I do know is, with this great sculpt, a better articulation would lift this kind of figures even higher in terms of overall satisfaction.

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