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Saturday, 18 September 2021

McFarlane Raven Spawn - Pictorial Review

I used to have just one side line aside from my Transformers collection, which was ML X-Men (technically 2, the other was Black Series but by just collection unique Jedi and Sith, I get at most 2-3 per year)

McFarlane changed that for me, with the DC Multiverse releases. Batman: Metal, Death Metal then JL Snyder Cut. Still, with a small set of releases, consider those just filling the gap between TF releases.

Then I bought MK11 Spawn and ruined the dynamic. It opens the floodgate to many more Spawn releases.

Presenting, Raven Spawn

The figure that caught my attention the most from the wave, he's the embodiment of what I look for in a figure. 

Raven comes with a long axe and chained hooks, weapons that cool enough on their own. The chain is made out of hard rubber which you can bend but will get back to its original shape. I guess you can use hot water/hair dryer to permanently change its shape but don't quote me on that.

That headsculpt. Those green eyes. That smile. I can't begin to tell how awesome he looks. The overall sculpt of the figure impressed me to no end.

 Like other McFarlane releases, the spikes, shoulder pads, arm guards, shin guards, chain belt etc etc are all made out of rubber.

Something that's normal for McFarlane releases but shouldn't be. He has a bit of a stability issue. Mine, is the left foot. The angle of the tilt and rocker will either be not enough or too much.

The axe, so far, doesn't suffer from the issue of Darkseid's trident or Steppenwolf's big axe where they bend overtime due to its weight.

Limited articulation is not unheard of for McFarlane releases. Raven's shoulders are the same, due to the shoulder flaps. Since the flaps are meant to be part of the cape, they're not attached at the end part (like Redeemer and JL Cyborg) but rather at the base, at the top of the shoulders.

Never thought I would prefer the chained hooks better than the long axe though.

The chain are just soft enough to allow bending without flopping around.

However, the grips are not that tight where the hardness of the chain will push hooks off his hands.

You can maneuver the chain but not to the point of changing its shape

Size wise, MK11 Spawn is smaller than Raven (and Redeemer). I'm not sure if that's how they're supposed to be but I'll just assume it is 

Locally, it seems that people would prefer Gunslinger over this. Most feedbacks I saw only states it's due to the lack of detailing and monotonous color.

To me, there's plenty of detailing on Revan. The sculpt is phenomenal. Monotonous? I'm not really sure how he's portrayed in the comic but I don't mind the monotone. Paired with the headsculpt, Raven looks grim and dark, which fits his character.


  1. Awesomeness! Have both the originals and this looks even more stunning!