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Friday, 17 September 2021

Haslab Marvel Sentinel - Pictorial Review

Finally, it's that time of the year. My 2nd Haslab release, Marvel Legends Sentinel. My level of giddiness for it is the same as how I was during Unicron release. 

This crowdfund project started on July 10th 2020 and ended on August 24th 2020. Unlike Unicron, Sentinel backers came flooding in from the get go and ended unlocking all 4 tiers.

In Package

First and foremost, I like the fact that Sentinel comes with brown carton box, unlike Unicron (although since Unicron came in brown box, technically he's without inner box?).

The artwork on all sides are beautifully done with sentinels fighting characters from House of X

Breakdown of the release is as follow

- 26.3-inch (669 mm) Sentinel figure

- LEDs in the head and chest (2x AAA batteries required, not included)

- Two 18-inch Sentinel “tentacle” accessories

- Marvel Legends 6-inch Bastion figure with 6-Inch alternate Sentinel Prime head

- Tier 1 UNLOCK: Marvel Legends Master Mold alternate head accessory

- Tier 2 UNLOCK: Battle Damaged Head & Hand accessory

- Tier 3 UNLOCK: Marvel Legends 6-inch Female Prime Sentinel Figure

- Tier 4 UNLOCK: Tri-Sentinel alternate head accessory (1 head, 3 faces)

Sentinel and all of its accessories comes in styrofoam, just like Unicron.

Main Figure

It is huge. I know that's a known fact but you can't fathom how big it is until you holding it in hand. And it is heavy. 

The sculpted details are nicely done,from top to bottom. Most parts are using normal plastics while some are rubber parts (like the shoulder flaps)

First, we need to address the issue of the loose knees. From what I gathered, every release suffered the same issue, at different degrees of severity

Solution? Pop-off the caps above and below the knees (on the outside of his legs) and tighten the screws. Easy-peasy

Equally-detailed from the back. The back cover can be detached to access the battery compartment.

It comes with LED gimmick, just press on the middle of his chest to activate, with few combinations of light's colors. The LED are on the tip of the neck while the heads only come with light piping.

Articulation wise, it is awesome considering the size. The head is on a ball joints (where the LED is) and there's a swivel at the base of the neck. The shoulder movement is a bit limited due to the shoulder flaps, the elbows are on a single joints, the hands are on ball joints. You can get some range of movement from his chest but no waist swivel. It does come with ab crunch though. The knees are double-jointed and we get minimal ankle rockers and tilts.

The highlights of his articulation for me, are the individual fingers. You can literally pose them almost any way you want.

The range of the ankle rockers and tilts is a bit underwhelming as you can't get full stability when posing him aside from standing straight.

We move on to its other accessories.

Tier 1 : Mastermold Head

This is why I bought it. Having a single sentinel is quite boring but a Mastermold with 2 MU Sentinels, makes more sense to me.

One other thing I noticed is that, by having LED eyes gimmick, the eyes will tend to look 'dead', and it's true for all other heads as well. Not a complain, just observation.

But when you turn on the gimmick, gorgeous. 

Tier 2 : Battle Damaged Head and Hand

Another great addition. Even if you don't use for your Sentinel, you can use them as part of your display of destroyed Sentinel

Unlike the original hand, the fingers are fix and without articulation.

Tier 3 : Female Prime Sentinel

Before the reveal of Tier 3, Bastion and a Male Prime Sentinel head are already included in the release. The female Prime Sentinel is a welcomed addition.

Generally the figures are standard and don't come with any other accessories. The headsculpt of Bastion and Female Prime Sentinel are nicely done.

However, I don't like the near-matte black colour of these. My worry is that overtime, it'll fade.

By having all this 2 and a head figures, I guess the chance of Hasbro releasing a generic Prime Sentinel for mass release will be quite slim.

Tier 4 : Tri-Sentinel Head

My least favourite Tier is the tri-sentinel head. Personal preference though, nothing to do with their sculpt or quality.

Overall, I'd say Sentinel is something I would highly regret should I miss it. The playability, the quality (sans knee joints issue) and the overall presence are great. 

Stability wise, positioned properly, it doesn't have any issue having few ML figures on him. The tentacles are made out of rubber with (I suspect) a bendable metal at their core. The connection is strong and can handle the weight of figures

Overall, an awesome release. It's a shame that the knees issue, while easily fixed, overshadowed what a great figure it is. 

In a way, it's understandable. People aren't expected to fix something that they buy, no matter how small the problem is. 

And they most certainly aren't expected to fix something at this price. Hopefully Hasbro will be more careful with their future Haslab releases.

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