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Thursday, 24 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut The Flash- Pictorial Review

 Now, time for the main man of JL Snyder Cut (I like his role better compared to in the theatrical release)

One obvious right out of the box is the suit lack the silver line detailing, that was captured perfectly by Mattel before.

Other than that, the suit looks good. Proportion wise, he looks a bit wide but better in hand. McFarlane did a decent job for his sculpt, there's definitely a resemblance to Ezra

Flash is one of the figure that desperately need extra set of hands. The running hands doesn't look good in most poses aside from...well, running

He comes with 4 effect parts for his running pose. It's the same type that is used by Hasbro 6" lines and look like it's made using glue gun.

All these doesn't really peg anywhere or have a grip to stay on the figure. Yes, you can use them however you want but with such hassle of attaching them, why bother?

But the effect parts work! The figure itself comes with standard, unhindered range of movement. Couple with his stability, you can get a lot of decent pose with him if you're patience (I don't use the base stand for his poses).

All in all, he's a fun figure to play with. Some patience are needed to get him into good poses but the results are usually so satisfying.

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