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Friday, 25 June 2021

MFT MF-45R Fire Rescue (Not Artfire) - Pictorial Review

 Taking a break from McFarlane reviews for awhile, here's one of MFT newest release, MFT MF-45R Fire Rescue (Not Artfire), the 4th repaints of the mold.

In Package

The box art is different from the previous releases of the mold, a more common design for MFT releases.

He comes with a water effect (same as MFT Inferno), 2 guns and few others. What surprises me is that he doesn't come with a Targetmaster (well, not like he was shown with a targetmaster in promo pictures, just surprised by MFT decision)

Alt Mode

The mold used for Artfire is Inferno without any other retooling and the deco follows G1 Artfire.

From the side of the alt mode, I preferred Papatoy version over MFT as it seems somewhat fuller. The detailing is nicely done with gray hose on the side and painted rims/

Back View

Well, the extend of the ladder is ridiculously long though.

With MFT MF-46G Crane (Hauler)

Robot Mode

The deco in robot mode follow G1 Artfire with the deco on the shins and the taillights in front of the feet.

Transformation wise it's quite easy and no issues of over-tightness on the joints that may damage the figure (there were reported cases for MFT Crane on the shoulders)

Poseability wise he's quite decent and the accessories does improve his playability (well...not a lot)

With MFT MF-46G Crane

Being honest, having him is just the standard completing-all part of my collection. As far as the figure itself, there's no difference than having the 3 previous variants.

So yes, if you're part of the "Gotta Catch Em All" movement or for some reason having attachment with the character, go for it!

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