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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Age Of Extinction Evolution 2-pack Classics Optimus Prime - Pictorial Review

It's been 1 year and 8 months since I started this review blog and with all the support from you guys, Black-Plastic-Life finally went past 100,000 views mark with more than 14,000 views monthly. Thank you so much.

It's ironic that the first review that I posted was of Classics Optimus Prime (Voyager) back in January 2013 and my first review after the 100K achievement will be a variant of that mold, AoE Evolution 2-Pack Classics Optimus Prime.

Pic Credit : Web

Just like AoE Rollbar, I only bought the Classics version of Optimus Prime, not the set itself. This mold has been released quite a lot of time already (as Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime and Ultra Magnus). The [official] variants  are :

- Classics Optimus Prime
- Henkei Convoy
- Henkei Crystal Convoy,
- Cloud Optimus Prime
- AoE Evolution 2-Pack

- Classics Ultra Magnus
- United Ultra Magnus

- Universe 2.0 Nemesis Prime
- United Black Optimus Prime

- Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Optimus Prime
- Botcon 2014 Ginrai

With this new arrival, I'm close to completing this mold [yet again], just waiting for a friend to help me hunt for Transformers Cloud TF-A01 Optimus Prime.

Alt Mode

There are few obvious differences between this mold and the previous releases.

The first is the stripes on both sides to the front are straight lines. The side panels near the front tires are painted red rather the normal blue.

That, paired with the full-red windvane, homages G1 Optimus Prime paint scheme.

The paint apps are generally okay but there seems to be smudges here and there. Also, repainting the side panels red only on the side facing out resulting a bit of the blue parts to become visible.

Side View

The right choice for comparison would be using Henkei Convoy but I'm so sorry as I couldn't find him anywhere, must be in one of the boxes in the the storeroom.

The Evolution Pack Optimus Prime have slightly light red paint scheme compared to Classics Optimus Prime while the blue is roughly the same.

However, I wished that the smokestacks aren't just plain black

Robot Mode

In robot mode, there is not much difference in terms of paint scheme compared to the previous releases.

Plain Red Windvane
Back View

Side View

The paint apps are considerably well done. And despite having the clear plastic for the light piping, the eyes are painted yellow .

The most notable difference would be the full chrome thighs, making his having more chrome parts even compared to Henkei Convoy. For those who have Generations Leader Jetfire (or Age Of Extinction Platinum Evasion Mode Optimus Prime), rest assured, the quality of the chrome used here is way better.


There are few key differences between this two version; the shade of red and blue used and the color of the windscreen.

I don't really mind the plain-red windvane but I don't think it works well in Ion Blaster mode.

The quality of the joints are fine, way better compared to United Ultra Magnus (the worst among the variants)

Despite being among the first releases of CHURG, this mold is still one of the best.

It's been 8 years since Classics line debuted in 2006 and i's sad to see how far the overall quality has been decreasing since then..


  1. My CHUG Voyager Prime is great but wearing out (and missing his weapons for five years), so I think what I'll end up doing when I get this pack is swap out the waist, thighs and upper arms from the old one onto the new one. That gets rid of the chrome, brings in the blue shoulder bits and keeps the bicep and thigh colors consistent. I like the painted eyes and the better leg decos though.

    1. Haha, mine too. Especially the yellow stripes on his hand, chipped due to FP DIA Commander Add On

  2. I have the full set and being someone who missed this mold the first time around.....I'm pleased to have it in the G1 toy deco! Givinh him the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime Ion Blaster completes the look of an updated G1 Prime