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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Warbotron WB01C Sly Strike - Pictorial Review

This review is courtesy of X2OToys

Combiner, Combiner, Combiner! Yet again, this is a review of a Combiner member, the 3rd so far for his line, Warbotron WB01C-C Sly Strike (Not-Swindle).

Pic Credit : Web

One might remember this particular member of the Combaticons as being a great tactician, fearless combatant and many more...that ain't true. He's in short, a con-man. That's it. If that term never existed before, it would be created for him.

During the episode B.O.T, Bruticus (Combaticons combined) was defeated by Defensor with Swindle being the sole survivor. What he did after that was, he proceeded to sell the parts of his comrades to various buyer in which, even for Megatron that is wicked and evil, is consider wrong. Hence, a bomb was planted inside his head and given 15 hours to rebuild his fellow Combaticons

G1 Swindle
Pic Credit : Web

In Package

I'm not sure how many times I had said this but Warbotron's box really impress me to no end. Even the artwork is nicely done.

Outer Box
Back View

The 3rd piece of the puzzle. I'm guessing Not-Vortex's box will be next to Sly Strike while Not-Onslaught box will be as big as 2 normal ones, covering the top portion of the puzzle.

Inner Box
Front View

Inner Box
Back View

Just like most releases nowaday, Sly Strike comes with a tech spec

However, there's no more comic book/instruction for him, just a normal 1 piece of instruction manual. People speculate that Warbotron accidentally left out the comic book which I don't think it's the case. Considering the both the comic book and instruction is suppose to be together, it's safe to assume that they do so to reduce their cost.

Alt Mode

I'm not sure what the alt mode is called but my guess would be an armored truck/jeep. This is different compared to G1 Swindle that transform into something like the FMC XR311

Sly Strike comes with 2 guns and both of them can be attached on the hood of the alt mode.

Detailing wise, he has a really great shade of tan and also the paint apps are really good.

Weapon Attachment
Pic Credit : Web
The overall quality in alt mode is quite good  and feels very solid. My only complaint is that the plastic used for the windows are kind of soft and they'll bend when you try to unpeg them during transformation.

Group Shots

I owned Fansproject Not-Bruticus before and the group shot really looks great. But, even with just 3 members now, these look way better.

Robot Mode

First thing first. He's way better than Heavy Noisy and feels sturdier than Air Burst. Transformation between mode is quite simple aside from the configuration of the hands in alt mode.

From Air Burst, Heavy Noisy and now Sly Strike, Warbotron did a good job in terms of the head sculpts.

The kibble is acceptable but even in the instruction, there's no official way of configuring it.

Side View

The detailing is well done, especially on the chest, and the paint apps is quite good with no smudge at all. Back when Heavy Noisy was in prototype stage, he's equipped with guns that used translucent plastic. Upon complaints from the fans, the scratch that and gave him solid guns. But with Sly Strike, changes wasn't made and he still comes with a gun with translucent part.

Another great effort by Warbotron in terms of the design is the back of the lower legs. Normally, a figure with this kind of transformation tend to have hollow parts on the back but on Sly Strike, there are panels that will cover the back and the side of the legs. Kudos

Highly poseble figure is always a good figure in my book. Sly Strike's articulation is well done, a lot of improvement compared to Heavy Noisy.

Sly Strike comes with ball jointed head, swivels and hinges on the shoulders, swivels on the biceps, ratchet joints on the elbows and wrist swivels, waist joints, universal joints on the hips, swivels above the knees, hinges for the knees and large degree of ankle tilts.

Not only he's highly poseble, the weight of the figure made him really stable.

The artwork at the back of the box shows that the small gun can be attach near his shoulder but there's only screw holes there and not deep enough for the gun to attach properly.

The front grill can be flipped forward giving him an alternate chest configuration.

Group Shots

Combiner Mode

Transforming to combiner mode is easy, just like it was with Heavy Noisy.

What you do is just flip the front portion of the alt mode to the front and voila, done~

I'm not sure how heavy Warbotron's upper body will be but I think Sly Strike and Heavy Noisy can bear the weight of it. In combiner mode, these two are really solid and sturdy.

Seriously, the group shot looks really good


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  2. I will "stop seeing you reviews", or I will end buying this guys jajajja

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    Very nice review, like always. I hope they decide to finally release Not-Vortex and Not-Onslaught, so we can see them in action.

    1. Haha. True, actually it's important for them to complete this set. A lot of people want to know how the complete set would be (quality, etc)

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