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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Toyworld TW-02 Orion - Pictorial Review

Throughout Transformers history, it's not something to for Transformers figure to be inspired by the comic series and vice versa. Transformers continually upgrading and changing their design in one series after another which gives a vast diversity to each of the characters. That makes them unique

IDW (Idea and Design Works) currently owns the license for Transformers comic book, replacing the now-history Dreamwave Productions, starting from May 2005. Focusing mainly (but not exclusively) to a rebooted Generation 1 continuity. From The Transformers : Infiltration series, IDW Publishing is moving forward strongly, creating another universe, a great one at that, for the Transformers fandom

Infiltration (2005-2006)
Pic Credit : Web
 For a character that constantly receiving new design and reimagining, one version kind of stands out, Optimus Prime of IDW's The Transformers Series

One of my favourite 3rd Party company, Toyworld, took the challenge (and as if anticipated Hasbro/Takara direction towards the IDW Continuity) to release an update of Optimus Prime that the fans had long longing for.....

Pic Credit: Web

In Package

 First and foremost, I won't be saying much about the packaging due to the fact that Toyworld seems to be playing it safe and recyling the same template that has been used for all their release

Considering Toyworld has a few line of releases, it would be great if they tried to tailor the packaging based on the toyline eg the Not-Throttlebots and the Not-Headmasters

Instructions and Biocard
Alt Mode

In The Transformers series, Optimus Prime transform into a slightly different semi-truck, as below

Pic Credit : Web
Translated into this..

Gorgeous, I must say! Despite the obvious lack of paint compared to the above, I must say Orion is awesome. A very solid alt mode with everything stays together

Due to the fact that Orion was packaged in robot mode, I had to transformed him to Alt Mode first for this part of the review and I must say, this is the most fun I had transforming figure for a loooong time. The engineering is unique and the transformations is creative and clean throughout.

Orion's gun can be attached at his back though I would have thought that (initially during the reveal of his prototype) the gun could be stored inside somewhere, maybe line MP-10. However, seeing the size of the gun, it's a bit impossible.

Front wheels turned sideways
*Mind the gaps, didn't notice them when I snap this. The Alt Mode pegs and holds together nicely

Would be better if Toyworld concealed his head better in alt mode
Comparison shots

With Classics/Henkei Optimus Prime

Compared to Henkei Optimus Prime, there's a significant size difference between these two. However as you can see, the red of Henkei Optimus Prime is slightly darker compared to Orion's in which I prefere the former

With Hasbro Generations IDW

Orion fits well with the new Generations IDW Goldfire and Skids

Autobots, Transform and Roll Out
Robot Mode

I can't stress this enough, transforming Orion between modes is really fun! Design wise, from the front view, Orion would be better off with smaller roof fairing, in my opinion

Side View
Orion has a clean almost kibble free design, excluding the roof fairing), much like a Masterpiece version of Optimus Prime

Back View
Now, let us look at Orion's detailing

As you can see, Orion has pretty much all of the detailing and design as IDW Optimus Prime had, up to the part of how the front wheels are stored

Now, for the not-so-great part. Despite his size, Orion's articulations fall behind the standard of present Transformers figures. Not much and not to a point frustration, but Orion should've more to help his posebility

Orion has a ball jointed head but with a bit limited range of movement , double-jointed shoulders, hinge on his elbows with only 90o movement to the front and a wrist swivel.

Orion comes with a waist joint, double jointed thighs, hinge on his knee (also 90o movemnet to the back) and ankle tilt but only on the front part of his feet

He can just barely hold his gun with 2 hands

Despite that, Orion still a great Optimus Prime, better than most Optimus Prime versions out there

Considered a must (but not by Hasbro's standard), Orion comes with the Matrix, nicely stored (but visible even when the chest is closed) inside his chest cavity

Light our Darkest Hour!
Comparison Shots

He's huge! I don't mind that but from what I see on the web, Orion is also taller that Toyworld's Hegemon (sorry, don't have him). Looking at this, I remembered how many people opted for iGear Miniature Masterpiece Optimus Prime (PP-01 Faith Leader) just to have the 'perfect' Optimus Prime for their CHURGs collections. Now...seems like Orion is a better choice

Seeing Orion with Hasbro's new Generations IDW, made me worried, really worried... Does this mean that I need to grab all IDW updates (if there's ever, in the future) of existing CHURGs figures?
Maybe not!



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    1. haha, maybe not i think. since i try to make sure that i'll always opt for officials, then only 3rd party. so, i'll stick with the CHURGs OP

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