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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Generations IDW Autobot Skids Fix - Tutorial

As I mentioned before in the previous review (Generations IDW Skids), Skids has limited articulation on the legs due to the design of the top part of his thighs (connected to the ball joints). Here's the easy fix, thanks to my friend, Mr Low Ghim Joo for pointing that out

Not enough clearance due to the shape/design

All you need to do is pull out both legs and switch the top part of the thighs so that the part that have excessive plastics will be facing back instead of to the front

By switching these 2 parts, his leg articulations will improve a lot

I honestly think that Skids is misassemble and this is how he should've been from the start. The fix improve his leg articulations and will not intrude on his transformation


  1. You saved my bacon. Er, plastic. Just took my freakin' skids figure out and my mind began making a mountain out of a mole hill thinking I'd have to invest in a dremel to make him do a kneeling pose. Saw your post and the pics and BAM, he's posing like a champ! Thanks for the awesome article and the perfect set of pictures for this situation!

  2. you're welcome Tekyu, call me gema btw. so, liking Skids more now?