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Monday, 23 December 2013

Generations Rhinox - Pictorial Review

Yet another release that caught the fans by surprised, after the release of Generations Waspinator. The Ironhide of Beast Wars era, Rhinox. Thanks to my friend, who's a hardcore Beast Wars collector, for this piece

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One of Maximal's aces, Rhinox is the most dependable of all of them. A mix of Ironhide's brawn and strength with Wheeljack's intelligence, Rhinox are both effective both on field work and as a strategist, pulling the strings to make sure the Maximal won the battle. He's part of the Axalon's crewmember that crashed on earth during the pursuits of Megatron and his Predacons army

Beast Wars Rhinox
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Even with the glory of Beast Wars era, Rhinox received a cruel life in Beast Machine era as he and Silverbolt were captured and stripped of their organis bodies and placed into the body of Tankor and Jetstorm respectively

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In Package

Rhinox comes in a standard Generations Thrilling 30 Voyager packaging like Springer, Blitzwing and others. However, the Autobots insignia was removed and replaced with Maximals insignia

Yet another beautifully-done artwork of Rhinox, based on this figure and also his Beast Wars design

His bio describe his great skills and abilities which rival that of Maximals leader himself.

Alt Mode

'Refreshing', as my wife puts it, to be able to review something that don't transform into anything of a vehicle. Rhinox transform into a rhinoceros.....not sure what type though. Packaged in robot mode, I hade fun transforming him into his alt mode.

Not dissing on Beast Wars Rhinox but Generations Rhinox transform into a well-proportionate Rhinoceros that doesn't left you laughing out loud (just kindding)

Rhinox's robot mode is conceal nicely in alt mode with only small portion of it visible. There are few parts of his shell that's made out of rubber instead of plastics so transforming him will take more time then you expect, to align the shells properly.

Most of the time, I don't talk about articulations of alt modes (the most I can say about a car is the tyres spin nicely) but Rhinox has a swivel joints and hinges on his front legs while only hinges on his hind legs and the jaw can be open.

Robot Mode

Rhinox in all his glory. It's been 17 years since the release of Beast Wars Rhinox so you can imagine how good it feel with Generations Rhinox. Paint job wise, Rhinox is almost flawless with no grey-unpainted plastics anywhere. It made me think that Hasbro really pushing the new Generations Beast Wars line

Side View

Back View
Rhinox's kibbles are placed nicely at his back, reminiscing his Beast Wars desgin

Was really surprised to see how detail Hasbro went for Rhinox's head sculpt and design, almost accurate to the original design (see below)

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Articulations wise, he's on today's standard and fun to play with. Rhinox comes with a ball jointed head (but can't look down due to the big chin), double jointed shoulders and elbows (a hinge and a swivel each), waist joints, double jointed thighs, hinges on his knees (but bend to less than 90o inwards and ankle tilts

Homaging his Beast Wars character, Rhinox comes with twin 'Gatling Gun of Dooms', finally, as his Beast Wars toy comes with a something-something weapon (see picture above). One thing missing is that he doesn't come with a detachable tail forming a blade

'You feelin' lucky punk?'

The gatling guns colors are different with the one showed at the back of the box. Maybe for Takara release?

Yet another release that I must skip, sadly. Engineering wise, both Rhinox and Waspinator (and future release Rattrap) were nicely done, doing justice to Beast Wars characters. However, due to a few constraints, must focused only on CHURGs releases that are from G1 to G1:Japanesse Series. 

My wife mentioned that she loved to Generations Rhinox and I'm more than happy to get him for her and maybe, the rest of the releases. But it won't be in my collections, haha


  1. i dont mind that they wont be in your collections, as long as the budget comes from your wallet. thanx dear

  2. Anyone know where I can get this nowadays?