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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Clash of the Titans

These few months had been so kind, I've gotten a lot of the figures that I aimed. To name a few, United Artfire, United Stepper, Botcon G2 Breakdown, Toyworld Grindrod and a lot more. However, I'm pretty far behind on my photo sessions, need to catch up as well as post the older ones. But before that, enjoy The Clash Of The Titans!

Xovergen Trailerforce TF-01 (Not-Powermaster Prime)

Been busy for weeks, not to mention caught a flu that seems doesn't want to go away. Missed my fiancee also. Tough week


  1. giler first tgk ingatkan uranos tapi market lom complete lagi

    1. yup2, really big, just a tad bit shorter than Hercules