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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Belated New Year (and belated haul)

We've been in 2015 for more than 20 days now. Really love the releases planned for this year especially the new Combiner Wars line. 

Also preparing for this year TFSS 3.0 as unlike previous years, all of the mold are CHRUG variants which means I'll be getting all of them. 2015 Botcon theme has been announced but we have yet to see any character plan for it. But I'm estimating the use of Orion Pax (if not this year, maybe next year) and also few more using last year Generation figures.

As of now, most of my pre-2015 releases has been completed, just a few more to go than I can just start at current and future releases

Dinobot (Henkei)
Cheetor (Henkei)

Perceptor (United)

Takara Generations
Orion Pax (Takara Generations)
IDW Megatron (Takara Generations)
Rhinox (Takara Generations)
Waspinator (Takara Generations)
Minicon Assault Team (Takara Generations)
Armada Starscream (Takara Generations)
Skybite (Takara Generations)

TFCC Shattered Glass Drift
TFCC Eject
TFCC Rewind
TFCC Scourge

Botcon Strika
Botcon Shattered Glass G2 Optimus Prime
Botcon Shattered Glass Grimlock

Megatron (Deluxe)
Megatron (Deluxe Special Edition)
Optimus Prime (Deluxe)
Optimus Prime (Deluxe Special Edition)
Cyclonus (2-Pack/3-Pack)
Ratchet (Autobot Warriors Set)
Perceptor (Autobot Warriors Set)
Kup (Autobot Warriors Set)


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    1. Hi, friend, how are you doing? One thing in this post that calls up my attention es when said "Combiner Wars line". Are you talking about Hasbros's? I've been checking Superion and Menasor and they do not look as that bad (in general). I think Superion would be worth for a review after all, no?


    2. Doin fine, thank you. Yeap, that's why I was talking about. To be honest, Superion is decent but judging by the new OP mold, Menasor will be below average. I think I will but it might take awhile. And I won't be reviewing the combiner mode until the last limb of Superion arrived in the 2nd wave

    3. I'm thinking to change my option for Combiner Wars line. I know they are uglier but definitely, there far away cheaper than TFC toys (and I cannot ignore that fact). At least, their scramble-city capability is better than TFC's and that is a major concern for me. I know you are not review Superion yet, but there are 3 thinks a would to ask you:

      1) I read that the toy is around 11.5 inches tall. Is this true?

      2) In a scale from 1 to 10, how well is the articulation, in comparison with an average TFC toy?

      and 3) Merely by curious, are the fingers for combined mode separate pieces OR one whole piece?
      That is all. Thanks :)

    4. 1) Need to check but roughly the same size as FP/MT combiner
      2) Articulation is very good. The feet bugs me though, no tilt. So I give it an 8
      3) The thumbs are on separate joint (double up to be the heel). but the 4 fingers are together

    5. Cool. It was better than I though XD. Thanks for your effort to keep your fans happy :) (you really do it jaja).

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