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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Unique Toys Maniaking - Pictorial Review

It seems like forever since I've last done a review as I was busy at the office and also been involved with Malaysia's Transformers 30th Anniversary Expo early February. Thanks to a dear friend who's kind enough to lend me the figure that I'm about to review next. First, a little back story.

Earlier this month, Transformers : Age of Extinction (AOE) Teaser Trailer was released depicting some interesting cast with appearance of Transformers' iconic character, Galvatron.

Screenshot from AOE Teaser Trailer, showing Galvatron
Pic Credit : TFW2005

Not a newcomer, Galvatron is a character that almost all TF fans have heard of, be it from Transformers Generation 1, Armada, Energon, Cybertron or any other media (comics, etc). Let us explore Galvatron throught Generation 1 continuity.

Pic Credit : Web

After the fierce battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron in Transformers : The Movie (1986) that left most children then crying their eyes out (I still cringe everytime I watch the death fight), Optimus Prime died (for the first time, not the last) and Megatron suffered the most fatal blow ever, leaving him half dead and was evacuated from the battle by Soundwave.

Not long after, Megatron was betrayed (not the first time) by Starscream and was left in space to rust alongside with few others. There, the unfortunate few met Unicron which offer Megatron a new, stronger body in exchange for total obedience. Hence, Galvatron was born. Throughout Transformers history, Galvatron made frequent appearance as either an upgrade of Megatron or a separate entity.

G1 Galvatron (the non-accurate-color version)
Pic Credit : Web

As a CHURGs collector, I was pleased when Hasbro announced the release of Universe Galvatron back in 2008. Yet, the fact that he was only a Deluxe-sized figure was a small issue; compared to the nightmare of the figure design.

Universe Galvatron
Pic Credit : Web

Since then, there's a lot of news hinting that 'this' or 'that' company will be releasing their own Galvatron but only in 2013, Unique Toys showed their prototype and Maniaking was released in January 2014.

In Package

Nicely done, Maniaking's box comes with a G1-style artwork of Galvatron at the front. However, that's not the best part. Maniaking's box follow the style TFCCs exclusive figures which is a really nice touch.

Other than the box's quality, the packaging is quite plain with a picture of Maniaking in robot mode on one side and Maniaking in alt mode on the other.

Maniaking comes with an instruction sheet and also a tech spec.

Alt Mode

Fulfilling our wishes, Maniaking transforms in a futuristic canon, homaging G1 Galvatron alt mode to the letter.

The transforming part is really fun with everything pegs in nicely with no loose parts falling. The transformation is even more fun on the upper body part, forming the back half of the canon.

Maniaking comes with fine detailing and almost perfect transformation where almost all the robot mode are not (clearly) visible.


Be sure to pull out the lower leg portion before rotating the calf upwards during transformation to avoid breakage.

Robot Mode

And the fans rejoiced! Unique Toys has managed to capture the essence of Galvatron with Maniaking. Quality wise, Maniaking's plastic feels a bit thinner than that of TFCs and Toyworld.

However, as a whole, Maniaking is a very solid figure, with no loose part. 2 minor complaints on my part would be the white color being used should've been grey and it would've been better if his cannon is made of translucent orange plastic like his G1 counterpart.

A very detailed and nicely done head sculpture with a very clean paint application. It's a pity though that Maniaking doesn't come with light-piping.


Sadly, despite the spot-on homage, Maniaking is quite disappointing in terms of his articulations. Maniaking head comes with a limited ball-jointed where he can nod but can't look upwards. The joints that lock his shoulders to the main body are quite weak where they have the tendencies to unintentionally unlock while moving the shoulders.

The shoulders are on double-ratchet joints, swivel under the shoulders, and a hinge on the elbows. The fingers are on a hinge (4 of the fingers, not individually articulated). Maniaking doesn't have a wrist-swivel which to me is a huge disappointment as it disrupts the aesthetic when you're trying to pose him.

Maniaking comes with a waist swivel, double-jointed thigh, swivel above and below the knees (below is for tranformation), hinge on the knees (less than 90°), and ankle tilt.

Size Comparison

Galvatron that has the same height as Megatron, that's the dream!

Finally, an obvious commander!

with Classics Rodimus / Hot Rod

Personally, CHURGs collectors have been waiting for proper Galvatron either to go side-by-side with their Megatron, Scourge/Cyclonus, or Fansproject Protector. And yes, from the comparisons above, Maniaking's size is a spot on.

First Prime, then Ultra Magnus, and now you.It's a pity you Autobots die so easily, or I might have the sense of satisfaction.

This is the end of the road, Galvatron.


  1. Yup, agreed on the orange color for cannon and grey color for the legs.
    Saw some pics on the web that fans did the re-coloring..
    However, too lazy to do it..will just let it be like that..

  2. 1. your introduction in this review made me googling the fight scene between op and megatron. so memorable.

    2. love the alt mode.

    1. thanks bro. yup, epic fight scene! if you're a fan of G1 design, his alt mode is on the dot

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