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Wednesday 17 June 2015

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Transformers Generations : Combiner Hunters Arcee - Pictorial Review

Continuing with Combiner Hunters set, now we'll proceed with Arcee. Sorry as I don't have Windblade right now, hopefully will manage to find he in near future.

Just like Chromia, Arcee didn't come with the large sword and also missing her two guns which I'm not sure whether that's how she's supposed to be or not.

Let's continue.

Alt Mode

The approach for Arcee's paint scheme is different compared to Chromia. While the latter comes with metallic paint job (on certain parts) and flame/tribal tattoo, Arcee comes in normal black and pink paint scheme.

Side View

Back View
On the back, the paint app is quite minimal. Aside from the pink stripe, there's literally no other detailing.

Despite lacking detailing on the back, the hood of the car is nicely done with pink, grey and blue stripes.

The swords that she came with is the same as both previous releases.

Comparison Shots

Robot Mode

Black and pink, my favorite pairing. Well...not exactly, basically black color always work for me.

Side View

Back View

There's another thing that I'm not sure of. Based on promo pictures, the paint on the face is not like mine which is only one-sided. I'll try and get confirmation as soon as I can. Also, the finishing on the chest is not really clean as there are smudges if you look closely.

I get the idea of her paint scheme but to be honest, it doesn't really work with this mold.

Arcee's mold is a bit too feminine, both her face/head sculpt and also her body (especially the big thighs).

Still, some of the poses work though. Not great but good enough.

Comparison Shots

I can easily get behind Chromia's paint scheme but Arcee is whole nother story. For now, I guess I must conclude the review for the set unless, like I said, I manage to get Windblade in the near future.


  1. Do you have Leader Optimus From Beast Hunter (TF Prime S3)? He has same mold of sword.

    1. Haha, no I don't. Still, don't really like the oversize weapon

  2. "Arcee's mold is a bit too feminine"

    Too feminine? I would agree that would be a problem on a male transformer, but considering Arcee is SUPPOSE to be female, it's not really a problem is it? Can a female be too feminine? You have to at least acknowledge that its a bit of an oxymoron.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.