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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mastermind Creations R-01C Terminus Hexatron Continuum - Pictorial Review

Sorry for not having new reviews recently, was in the middle of moving to a new house and also my daughter was not well for quite some time.

This review of MMC R-01C Terminus Hexatron Continuum will be brief as the main review had been done for R-01 Terminus Hexatron. This figure is the 4th variant after Hexatron Super Nova (Limited Edition), Terminus Hexatron and Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary.

In Package

This is by far my favorite packaging compared to the rest of Hexatron's variants. It's not that the packaging of the Reformatted Line is bad or anything, but there's something about the badass artwork on the box that I love so much. But is that it?

Nope, inside there's a second clear packaging, homaging G1-style packaging. While I personally don't prefer this clear packaging as they tend to crack overtime, with proper care and handling, I don't think there will be a problem here.

Back View
The Japanese style artwork at the back of the box really gives me G1 Headmaster vibes.

Hexatron comes with a collector card and an instruction booklet (without any comic book or anything), simpler compared to previous variants.

So let's move on to the first alt mode, Winged Wolf (I will comment of the differences of this figure during in the robot mode part of the review).

Winged Wolf Mode

The main improvement made for this mode is that MMC fixed the wolf's head as it is no longer loose and easier to pose now.

APC Mode

The APC mode doesn't have any differences aside from a cleaner look on top of it as Continuum version doesn't come with a lot of weapon aside from the 2 blasters. And I really like it better as the mode doesn't look overcrowded with unnecessary parts.

Laser Pistol Mode

The downside is, however, the Laser Pistol mode looks a bit too simple and plain without the long blasters that came with normal Hexatron (you can attached his new blasters at the side but a bit to short to give the same aesthetic).

Tank Mode

One thing that I was worried about upon hearing Continuum version will come with chrome blasters is that the handles will chip when attached, in Tank Mode, based on my experience with Shadow Emissary version, due to the thickness of the chrome. Luckily, that wasn't the case. There's no sign of chrome chipping from my 3-4 times attaching the blasters.

Star Fighter Mode

Robot Mode

Now, for the best part.

There's few changes made by MMC for Continuum version, which actually fulfilling my wish when they first annouced Hexatron. MMC changed the chest wings, making them less angular compared to normal Hexatron, and accurate to G1 toy.

Next, a better head sculpt compared to the rounded Hexatron head we get before.

Side View
The detachable hubcaps cum shurikens were replaced with normal, chrome hubcaps. This is a change that I don't really mind as I don't feel the shurikens are practical to begin with.

Honestly, I don't really like the fact that MMC released yet another variant of Hexatron after Shadow Emissary but after holding Continuum in hand, man I glad they did (just feel sorry for those who would've wanted this but ended up buying the first version when it came out)

Contiuum version comes in brighter turquoise and purple with nicely done, glossy finishing, much like Masterpiece figures while the wings are light blue instead of grey-ish white

Back View

I really like the overall feel of Continuum compared to normal version of Hexatron. Not that there's anything wrong with normal Hexatron but it feels like there's slight improvement made by MMC for Continuum version on the joints. Given that the figure is already quite heavy, the glossy paint on the body gives an illusion that they are die-cast parts rather than normal plastic.

I am not a fan of 3rd party repaints, especially if they are not different character and I really hated the fact that Hexatron was getting yet ANOTHER repaint after Shadow Emissary. However, I'm fairly impressed with the finish product and he's definately the ultimate version of Hexatron and Sixshot! The weapons that was not made available were optional to begin with so no issues here. 

So, who should get him?
1 - MMC Completist? No question
2 - People who don't have Hexatron? Absolutely. This will be the ultimate version of Sixshot (for now)
3 - People who already have the first version of Hexatron? Of course! Sell that and get him instead. Can't sell it? Buy Continuum nonetheless!
Sorry for the short review. Next, Sixshot's son


  1. Hope your daughter is feeling better.

    1. Thank you. She's feeling better but not yet fully recovered