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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Generations Autobot Scoop - Pictorial Review

This is one review that I've been dreading to do for reasons that I'll explain later. Once in a while, Hasbro choose to release few obscure characters that are sometimes even fans are unfamiliar with. They did that back in 2011 for example, with the release of Generations Darkmount, Sky Shadow and Thunderwing.

For 2014, Hasbro released Generations Autobot Scoop, a character that is new even for me.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Scoop is an Autobot Targetmaster, the 4th Autobot Targetmasters to be released under CHURG after United Stepper, Artfire and Henkei Strafe. Known as one of the best field infantries, Scoop uses both cool-headed logic and battle-hardened tactics to fight and crush his enemies on the battlefield. I have no idea in which media did Scoop first appeared but he's in Marvel continuity, Generation 2 and also the more recent IDW Generation 1, among others.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

In Package

Just like the other IDW Generations releases, [Autobot] Scoop comes with a Hasbro Exclusive Cover IDW Generation 1 comic book, specifically issue #23 "Black Metal : Dark Cybertron Chapter 2".

Back View

Scoop's Character Bio

Alt Mode

Scoop transform into a payloader that resembles his G1 version except for the bucket which is in orange as opposed to yellow color.

Other than that, Generations Scoop retained a lot of the characteristic of the G1 version which to me, is a nice homage.

The rims however are not painted, not even with just silver lining like the G1 version.

One of my complaints is that the cockpit is poorly painted and given that it's painted translucent plastic, it will get worse over time.

Also just like G1 Scoop, the loader arm is on hinges allowing loading process to be simulated.

There's a huge gap between the cockpit and the loader which bothers me a bit. There are pegs on the inside to lock the robot's shoulders and chest piece but mine can't lock securely.

Scoop is roughly the same size as Classics Bumblebee in alt mode but Scoop feels lighter and hollow somehow.


Scoop, just like United Artifre, comes with 2 Targetmasters (just like G1 Scoop, unlike G1 Artfire which only comes with 1 Targetmaster), which are Holepunch (right, blue) and Caliburst (known as Tracer in G1, left, yellow).

Holepunch and Caliburst has the same engineering but different in design.

Both are a head smaller than Universe Cyclonus's Targetmaster, Nightstick.

Despite being smaller in robot mode, both are roughly the same length as Nightstick in gun mode. However, transformation for Nightstick is waaaay better.

Holepunch and Caliburst can combine into a larger weapon like the G1 version but with slightly different configuration.

Robot Mode

I've expected Scoop's transformation to be simple given the way the design is but Hasbro put a twist in it and give Scoop a slightly better transformation sequence on the upper body. Kudos.

HOWEVER, I'm really disappointed with the way the plastic feels. Once I had a low-end Knockoff of Energon Sledge and it feels the SAME! The hollow parts are making it worst.

The bucket doesn't secure tightly to his back and with its weight, tend to fall down every once in awhile.

The head sculpt is nicely done and the light piping is beautiful. Overall paint apps is okay considering there's not much paint apps to begin with.

Scoop's articulations are not bad though. The head is on a ball joint, the shoulders are on ball joints and hinges, hinges on the elbows, waist swivel, ball joints and swivels on the thighs and double jointed knees. But there are no wrist swivels and ankle tilts.

With Holepunch and Caliburst

Size wise, Scoop is roughly as tall as Classics Bumblebee which is actually a small deluxe to begin with.

Hate seeing how small the recent releases are...

Before anyone says anything, I'm not like some people that condemn official releases any chance they have. For me, I know what to expect from Hasbro, considering their target audience and the price. 

In this wave, I got 5 out of 8 figures in that carton (6 unique figures) and I can't imagine how much fun I'll have opening them up. But after went downhill. Opened up Tankor, Scoop (which I really really looked forward to), then Armada Starscream and the Minicon Assault Team... I was baffled. Classics started back in 2006 which means it's not even 10 years yet but the quality has drop to an alarming level. 

Don't get me wrong, CHURGs are the only line I collect (except for 3rd party releases that compliment the line) and I hunted each and every variants of their molds ever released. Despite having to buy the same thing over and over again,  I love this line. But the way things are right now, I'm worried about the direction they going for. 

Using 'kids' as an excuse for over-simplifying is unacceptable considering this line is supposed to be for Collectors (as opposed to Movie lines, etc). The cost cutting is too obvious. The plastics are hollow and thin. The design is simpler compared to Universe 2.0 and 2010/2011 Generation figures. No new deluxe can match the size of the old ones, with most only as tall as Classics Bumblebee. Seriously something.


  1. I completely agree with you on the quality control and design going downhill, Early deluxes and voyagers were really good but looking at the upcoming Roadbuster and current legends (Insecticon and Gears) it is really disappointing.

    If you wondered why Hasbro choose to create a homage to Scoop, he was at one point a member of the wreckers. So in the Generations line they focused on those members, i.e Whirl, Sandstorm, Springer, Impactor. etc..

    1. I see, thanks. Wonder who else they'll be releasing.

  2. some fans do notice the plastic 'deterioration' for Hasbro release, and says TakTom uses higher quality plastic, especially the new release. Cannot confirm this as I do not have multiple of the same mold :D

    1. Haven't start collecting variants for 2013/2014 releases yet. But from what I see, TG Armada SS and Minicon Team has the same plastics

  3. I hate reading about Scoop being hollow when he looks like he should be sort of solid like a type of thickness to him.

    1. Yeah. I don't really mind hollow body etc per se as some older figures starting from Universe 2.0 displayed the same characteristic like Sunstreaker/Sideswipe's mold. But the quality and the mass of the plastic itself somehow felt 'softer'