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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Custom Robots Revoltech Style Not-Shockwave - Pictorial Review

This will be the first official review under TransMY Reviewers Community. The review is made possible with the help of our sponsor, X2OToys who was kind enough to provide me this figure.

Perhaps one of the most memorable characters in Transformers universe. Despite making an appearance mostly in Generation 1 (and a few other homages of him in other series), he's a fan favorite. Making another appearance in the Dark Of the Moon, Shockwave's popularity now grows with the newer fans.

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One of Megatron's most trusted generals, Shockwave was given the job to govern Cybertron as Megatron went on the mission to intercept an Autobot mission. The most loyal to the Decepticon's cause, Shockwave overseen all of the activities with logical, scientific mind which led to the evolution of Cybertron's technology, including the Space Bridge.

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This is not something that I would've guessed to be released but Custom Robot surprised me when they decided to release Revoltech-style Transformers characters. If I'm not mistaken, Not-Shockwave is their 2nd offering after Sonic (Not-Soundwave).

In Package

Custom Robots's [Not] Shockwave comes in a brown box, which reminds me a lot of newer TFCC releases. The box has a simple label of Custom Robots and a picture of Shockwave.

Side View

Shockwave comes with a standard Revoltech-style action stand and extra hands (in the blue sealed bag).

Revoltech-style joint on the stand

There are only 2 extra right hands provided given that Shockwave has a blaster for his left hand.

The Figure

Before we start, it's worth noting that Shockwave and Soundwave are hand painted by Custom Robots. And I must say, I'm fairly impressed with their offering.

Although I myself am not a fan of Revoltech figures, I had a few experiences with previous Revoltech Transformers releases (and my wife is a Revoltech Evangelion collector) and I honestly think that Custom Robots did a great job!

Following the G1 Revoltech figures aesthetic (not the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime movie version), Shockwave is properly designed with sufficient detailing overall.

Back View
Instead of letting him have a plain look at the back, Custom Robots did few nice design and detailing including Shockwave's cable (made out of hard rubber) that is connected from his backpack to his left hand.

Material-wise, Shockwave is made out of roughly the same type of plastic as Revoltech's official releases.


I love the detailing and how clean the finishing is. Custom Robots did a really good job, kudos.

Design and Articulations

Like the action stand, Shockwave uses the same design as official Revoltech Transformers. In the picture above, Shockwave can switch his right hand with Revoltech's Megatron. The joints, while being tight enough, some of it are still not as good as the official Revoltech's joints. Still, there's no problem in playing and posing him.

He is awesome! I can't say that I really enjoy Revoltech figures before but he's really well-designed and fun to pose. However, the extra hands provided are a bit loose; but that's not something nail polish can't fix.

One thing that bothers me a bit is the articulation of his left arm which is a bit limited due to the cable that extends from his back to his arm. Perhaps with a longer cable, more poses can be done.

Despite that, Shockwave is still awesome and fun to play with. If I remember correctly, the base for Shockwave's stand is bigger; making it more stable.


Thanks to a fellow TransMY-ian for lending me the rest of the Revoltechs including his custom Thundercracker.

Shockwave is roughly the same size as the rest of the lineup, making him fits in just fine. Custom Robots also did a good job in his design as apart from the absence of his insignia, he looks like an official Revoltech release.

What's my take on him? Custom Robots did a very good job on his quality and finishing, making him almost on par with official Revoltech releases. Hopefully, Custom Robots could fix a few of the issue such as the loose extra hands, etc. Other than that, Shockwave is really great, can't wait to see how Custom Robots' future offerings will be.

Destruction is imminent! 


  1. so... the point is that it's what Action Masters SHOULD have been back in the day? it's cool & all, won't deny that

    1. not that you've mentioned it... i must say i've never thought of that!